This was our second trip with Amber Road Tours and again it was a great success. We have nothing but admiration for the Tour operators. This trip to the Amalfi coast and Apulia was lovely. Our Tour guide Anna was superb. She was charming and inclusive of everyone on the Tour. Yet again, I left something in our room at our first hotel which Anna kindly organised to be couriered to me at our last stop. Our hotels were all excellent and in great locations from where we could explore the sights in delightful towns, places we would never have discovered on our own. We enjoyed the local guides, some of them quite quirky and amusing and all offering interesting insights into the history of the places we visited.
The included meals were all superb and very generous and located in specially chosen venues. We really enjoyed our group and were very sad to leave them at the end of the tour. We want to thank Amber Tours for a superb trip.

We had an absolutely fabulous time and loved our Amber Roads tour! The planning was really excellent and there was clearly a lot of thought that went into the choice of sights, the hotels, meals, etc. Our tour guide Anna was truly one of a kind. From the moment we met, she exuded warmth, humor, and kindness. She was also very knowledgeable, and went out of her way to address individual interests in the group – for example, when a few of us expressed an interest in seeing the synagogue in Trani, she quickly arranged a visit with a local guide and came along to translate, though this was during a free period when she was “off-duty.” She handled all the logistical details of the trip deftly and seamlessly, so that we never even thought about it. The group was a terrific mix of people from a variety of countries – U.S., Australia, and South Africa — and we all enjoyed each other a great deal. The hotels were lovely, and the sight-seeing, with excellent local guides, was fascinating — history, art, and natural beauty. There was just the right mix of group and individual time. So much of the trip was truly unforgettable – the boat trip from Amalfi to Positano, with stunning views, the sassi of Matera and the wonderful hotel built into the caves, the classic beauty of Paestum . . . we could go on. We loved the trip, and want to go on another Amber Roads tour as soon as possible!

Fantastico!!! This trip to Apulia was by far the best tour that we have ever taken!!! Our Tour Manager Anna was superb!! She was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, very well-organized, and personally attentive to each and every member of the tour. The hotels were exceptional, and the included meals were wonderful, each one exemplifying the cuisine of the particular area. The local guides in the various cities were excellent. It was evident that they had been especially selected for their skill, enthusiasm, and expertise. It was a pleasure to travel with the other 14 people in our very cohesive group and we enjoyed each other’s company very much. There was just the right balance of scheduled activities and free time. We were actually able to spend time with several relatives who live very close to Matera without missing any of the scheduled activities. The hardest part of the tour was saying good-bye to Anna. From the moment that we met her, we felt her warmth and friendship. She was highly skilled and experienced at leading a tour that had been meticulously researched and planned in every detail.

I am surprised everyday, do not do my homework so depend on Amber to do it for me and they do. Wherever we go – Matera caves, the Amalfi Coast, dinners, churches and ancient places I fall in love. Reading and pictures do not do it for me but living it daily is something to remember and burns itself into my brain. The group starts as strangers and ends up family, how I do not know, it must be the shared events and time together but fun and laughter help a lot. Anna [tour manager] is always laughing, teasing and having fun herself, so she makes it easy to enjoy everything – road jams, steep steps, and long full days. I wish i was 2hr away instead of 10hr plus and would go more often. Plan to take Italian so my next trip I can talk to friendly waiters and maybe order a drink on my own. Thanks to all for a fun time, get pictures today but know they will not do justice to the beauty I saw. Take care and see you soon.

What a wonderful time! This was our second tour with Amber Road. We went to Sicily last year and enjoyed it very much. This tour was equally enjoyable. Our tour guide, Aldo, kept us laughing for 12 days. His wealth of knowledge and his sense of humor made every day interesting and an adventure. We visited beautiful towns, caves, castles, and historical churches and landmarks. The coastline was breathtaking! Our hotels were all located within walking distance of the towns. The food was delicious, and the wine was fantastic. The local guides and the bus drivers were very professional. We especially enjoyed visiting the town of Matera where “The Passion of the Christ” was filmed. Our group of 16 got along so well, and we are keeping in touch via e-mail. Many thanks and God’s blessings to Lisa and Aldo for making this trip so memorable. Ciao, ciao, ciao!

From Veneto to Sicily, our previous tours with Amber Road have all been so enjoyable. The Amalfi Coast to Apulia tour was no exception. From the beautiful hills of Ravello, the coastal town of Trani and on to Lecce, we enjoyed the many sights, experiences and tastes of Southern Italy. Likewise, the unique town of Matera will always be remembered.

Our tour manager, Aldo, was so helpful in so many ways. He can be very entertaining and has great knowledge of the area and its history. The frequent addition of local guides, coupled with Aldo, added a great deal to many of our destinations. The tips on local restaurants and dishes were always appreciated.

All of the selected hotels were very well chosen. In particular, the Hotel Villa Maria in Ravello was such a perfect setting. The included dining provided excellent exposure to the regional cuisine and wines.

For the fifth time, we travelled with a great group, had wonderful experiences, ate and drank quite well . . . thanks for another memorable holiday!

Your tours are better than we can describe.

What a wonderful tour! Even though we hit a bump in the road before we even got started! Our flight from Rome to Naples was cancelled but Lisa Sample of Amber Road Tours came to the rescue! She arranged and purchased train tickets for us from Rome to Naples! We are so grateful for her great service! Amber Road Tours in general seem to be well organized and easy to work with. Then we met our wonderful tour manager Aldo! He was always upbeat, informative, entertaining and fun! We feel he had a lot to do with setting the tone of the tour which was always so enjoyable! He was so good at sharing the Italian culture from every perspective. We appreciated his hard work and always positive attitude! We enjoyed the destination and choices in this tour as each had something unique to offer. The local tour guides were also very good and informative! There was enough free time at each destination for ample exploration if you choose. The hotels were comfortable and well located in each destination. The food and wine was also really wonderful! The 16 people on this tour were all so lovely and made this tour particularly memorable for us! No down side to this tour to report! We are so happy we went!

We have just returned from the Amber Road Amalfi Coast to Apulia tour, and it was a joy. Our tour leader, Aldo, was a large part of what made it so enjoyable. I miss his amazing laugh already. It is a very well thought out itinerary, and there is a nice mix of free time and group dinners. Our group of 16 became good friends, and would often share an Italian wine or 2 together in some of our wonderful hotels. The hotels were always centrally located, and indicative of the area they were in. If you want marble and 5 stars, this is not the tour for you. If you want interesting, old and beautiful buildings, then you will love the accommodation. The included meals were always amazing, with plenty of variety of food and drinks, so everyone was happy. Our group of 16 did not have many who had not done an Amber Road tour before, which is always a good sign when you have many repeat customers. I would recommend Amber Road Tours, as they are very well organised; have excellent local guides; take you to places you may not think to visit; have a nice mix of history and fun, and also have only small groups. Go ahead, you won’t be disappointed.

This was our 2nd Amber Road tour and it was another outstanding vacation! Aldo was a great tour guide – really friendly and entertaining, as well as educational about Southern Italy’s people, land, language, history and current events. The itinerary and hotels were varied and provided great experiences. We ditto all of our fellow travelers’ positive comments. Thank you for a wonderful adventure!

Our first Amber Road Tour!

We went with this tour company on the recommendation of Australian friends (thanks Andy and Ian!) who had enjoyed the Sicily tour in 2014. We had also done research on line and agreed that it would be a good thing to try – and we were not disappointed!

We were a great group of 16 that got on well together, and a passionate tour leader, Aldo, did a great job keeping everyone buoyed up with typical Italian flair – Buon giorno!!!! with lovely Italian sing-song intonation every morning, alternating with Italian language classes and history lessons as well as family cameos to show what life is really like in southern Italy. All done with a great sense of humour and self-deprecation.

There was just enough structure coupled with free time to allow us to do our own thing, realising that couples ‘d’un certain age’ don’t necessarily want to be cheek by jowl with their fellow travellers 24/7 as do younger people. Aldo really worked hard to make plans work seamlessly and smoothly even when bad weather forced a last minute change.

Accommodation was generally good, given that we were centred in the oldest parts of very old towns, but this was more than well compensated by the splendid views and ambience. Overall, great meals were shared with camaraderie when together, coupled with suggestions about alternative eateries for meals alone.

Fantastic local guides added to our understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the history and culture of this amazingly resilient people.

A wonderful last night dinner with people giving toasts, standing on chairs and exchanging email addresses typified our joint enjoyment and appreciation of these experiences.

What more can we say?

By the way, you just need a dozen words of Italian to be able to appreciate Southern Italian hospitality, and not feel like a cultural imperialist or the equivalent of a baby!

PS We have actually just started a follow up Amber Road Tour to Sicily so watch this space for further critical evaluation…..

This was my first tour with Amber Road and after this trip I would thoroughly recommend them. Our tour manager Anna was sensational – the best guide that I have ever had on a tour. The local guides were impressive, interesting and informative. The drivers that we had were amazing, especially the ones dealing with the traffic on the Amalfi Coast road and the road up to Ravello. The food was very enjoyable, with the highlights being the lunch of local cuisine on the way to Castel del Monte and the evening meal in Trani. I enjoyed how this tour meant that I experienced variety in southern Italy and that it was nicely balanced between organised time and free time. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast, Matera, Lecce and Alberobello will be with me forever.

This was our third trip in Italy with Amber Road Tours within 12 months. Like the two previous ones, we enjoyed it immensely. It was very well organised, down to the smallest details. The groups are kept small, which ensures a very personalised style of travelling, the group is looked after by extremely competent and pleasant tour guides and we warmly recommend Amber Road Tours.

Well…as I’ve been telling all my friends and family after they ask me how our trip was…”I can die a happy woman now!”. Going to Italy has always been a life long dream. I’ve always been drawn to the country despite not having any relatives or common connections with it. Perhaps in another life. My husband and I saved up and spent our 1 year wedding anniversary/honeymoon with Amber Road Tours. With no expectations, we were blown away with the things we had seen, experienced and had learned. From the sweet air of the Amalfi Coast to the delicious buffalo cheese and history in Paestum all the way to the amazing sites of the Sassi caves in Matera, my husband Michael and I will never forget the moments we shared in each spot. I hold dear all of the wonderful people in our group and hope to hear from them again some day.

Thank you to Paula & Lisa of Amber Road Tours for working with my husband and I in customizing and creating this EPIC experience! The only thing that would sadden me most is the idea of forgetting anything about this trip! Therefore I look through my pictures daily! Grazie Grazie Grazie!

This was my second Amber Road Tour as I opted to join this tour after first touring with the Tuscany/Liguria group that preceded the Amalfi Coast to Apulia Tour. The highlights of this tour were numerous: Pompeii and Matera were the historical highlights of the tour; Paestum (especially our lunch there…the tomato and Buffalo cheese lunch was outstanding). I would have liked to spend more time in Sorrento.
Our tour guide provided entertaining highlights of the current Italian way of life that I found unique and a nice contrast to the historical descriptions provided by the local tour guides. This dialog made the bus rides much more interesting. The tour guides on both of my Amber Road Tours catered to our needs and provided the necessary information prior to our day’s itinerary making for an all-around outstanding trip. I look forward to returning and will recommend Amber Road Tours to my friends.

This was my first overseas trip and I could not have chosen a better company to complete a life long dream! If you truly want to see areas of Italy slightly off the typical tourist maps such as Rome, Venice etc then this Amalfi and Puglia tour is a must! Keeping the tour group to a max of 20 was great as it allowed you to socialize with everyone on the tour. The itinerary, while busy, is well thought out and keeps wanting for more. The local guides that Amber Roads connect with, were a wealth of information and held a passion for their local area both in history,architecture and languages. Hotels, food, drink were top drawer! Luca, our Tour Manager went well beyond his duties and unfortunately I kept him busy as I had missed a step on the first day of tour in Pompeii and badly sprained my ankle. He arranged for a hospital visit to ensure nothing was broken and knew where all the pharmacies were! While I limped my way thru Italy, I didn’t miss a beat! It was overwhelming, pictures do not do it justice. This is to all potential Canadians who may want to take a trip to Italy or any other destination Amber Roads Tours offer, don’t hesitate to have your agent contact them as I did, you will be glad you did!

This was our first experience with a small group tour so we were unsure of what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised with the organization and selection of sites to visit. We had visited other areas of Italy on our own but Ravello, Trani, Matera and Lecce stood out as unanticipated highlights on this tour. The hotels in all stops were well-chosen and the varieties of food and wine impressive. No tour can be better than its guide, however, and Luca excelled in keeping us informed, on schedule and entertained. His enthusiasm was contagious and he was generous with his time for special needs. We would recommend Amber Roads Tours to both experienced travelers and newcomers as well.

This was our third tour with Amber Road and as usual the attention to detail complemented the well resourced and scheduled tour. We were blessed with the amazing Anna Sagaria as our tour manager. She was a joy to all the travellers as she dealt with each member of the group in a personal, friendly manner with amazing good humour. Anna’s management expertise was exemplified by ability to deal with any issue (all minor!) that arose without any apparent difficulty or stress. The saddest part of our trip was saying goodbye to Anna and to the the rest of our group who all made great travelling companions by showing empathy to the group needs.
But what of the tour itself- As usual the Amber road pickup greet and meet was first class as was the quality of accommodation, the dinners and lunches provided were good examples of the diverse local cuisines-what with the copious amount of food and appropriate refreshment (the only thing really missing was a weight control program).
The quality and interest of local guides on the tour added to the scenic, archaeological, artistic,historical and cultural nature of the tour in southern Italy. There were many highlights on the tour . Although the whole tour was really enjoyable, to me the Sassi at Matera was absoutely fascinating and almost unbelievable.
Anna, the relaxed schedule, the interesting and interested yet non intrusive locals, the food and wine and the tour group itself were the icing on the cake of a very worthwhile tour. Hope to see you again


We were extremely satisfied with our choice of Amber Road’s Amalfi Coast to Apulia Tour. This was our third trip to Italy. Our first was a “Big Bus” tour. Our second was a self guided trip. We found the small group format Amber Road executes to be the perfect middle ground!! Our Tour Manager Anna was a pleasure to be with. She was engaging, charismatic, intelligent, and a logistics wizard. The lodgings and fare selected by Amber Roads for this tour were of superior quality. The charm and heritage of southern Italy were very well served by the itinerary. We will be integrating other Amber Road tours into our vacation plans.

As with our previous Amber Road Tour, we had an wonderful and memorable experience. Our tour manager, Anna, was just outstanding in all respects – warm personality, very knowledgeable, and professional. We continue to recommend Amber Roads to family and friends who want an unforgettable experience. We have no doubt that there’s no better Italian tour out there!

Lovely trip. Great food, interesting itinerary. Lots of walking. Anna was a good tour guide and made it fun.

We find it very hard to top what the Manduleys from Florida have said about this tour. It is our first time to Italy and also our first tour with Amber Road but it certainly won’t be our last – already planning where we will go next. Everything from accommodation was superb, Villa Maria we could have stayed in for a week, Villa Cimbrone with its beautiful gardens, scenery along Amalfi Coast especially travelling from Sorrento back to Ravello had to be seen to believed. There were many highlights but the caves in Matera, seaside towns of Trani, Otranto had characters all of their own & to finish it all Alberobello with it’s unusual Trulli houses. Jonathan & Sonya must be given full credit for all the thought that they have put into their tours to give people a trip of a lifetime. We have left till last a big Thank you to Anna Sagaria there are not enough words to say as to her caring, thoughtfulness to each person on tour, her fun at trying to understand us Aussies and us coming away with a better understanding of the Italian language keep up the good work Amber Road

Tom and I loved the tour!! Anna was fabulous! We enjoyed the sights and atmosphere so much! We found Matera fascinating and Ravello beautiful and enchanting. The people in our group were warm and friendly. Now Tom is drawing up the plans for a Italian pizza oven on the lanai! We look forward to our next journey with Amber Road Tours!!

The trip was amazing …. So different than the first and such a surprise. You always wonder if the second trip can live up to the  first experience but it far exceeded our expectations. Ravello was enchanting and the scenery of the Amalfi Coast just beautiful …. A thank you to Cellestino for being the safest driver, particularly navigating between the goats and road blocks. The trip had such diversity:  the food, scenery and regions.  The Sassi caves were such an eye opener … the stories from our guide were something else. And as for Giampaolo, he brought history alive and kept a captive audience. And finally, a huge thank you to Anna our tour guide who was ‘gold’ … attentive, informative, helpful and intuitive in understanding individual needs.  What a truly genuine and lovely person …. Anna just made the trip so great. Thank you again Amber Road … Your tour structure is just perfect!

Italy is an amazing place. My husband and I have a continuous love affair with Italy which only gets stronger every time we visit. This is our fourth visit to Italy and the tour of Amalfi Coast to Puglia is our second with Amber Road. Our tour manager, Anna Sagaria, is the complete package – total historic and contemporary knowledge, well-organized, sensitive to individual and group needs, great personality and sense of humor, and in complete control. Our driver, Nino, was very experienced with the roads and curves and did a great job of getting us everywhere we went. The people you have brought into your tours are truly an asset and they represent you well. The tour did an excellent job exploring south Italy’s diverse geography and cultures and we had a nice blend of free time and organized activities. The history and sights in southern Italy are truly amazing, and your attention to detail provided all of us with great experiences from the beautiful places we stayed, to the wonderful tours and great meals in beautiful settings. We had a great group of travel companions and some very funny moments. Every day there would be something to marvel at and enjoy – the breathtaking views from the lovely Hotel Villa Maria in Ravello, beautiful Amalfi coast, boat trip to Positano, impressive ruins in Paestum and Pompeii, visiting the charming Trulli houses in Alberobello, seafood lunch by the sea in Otranto, sipping wine at night in Trani and Ostuni, and elegant Lecce. However, the most impressive “wow” moment was exploring the caves of Matera, Italy’s oldest continually inhabited dwellings with a fascinating history, and our unique cave hotel, Locanda di San Martino. It was magical. Julian and I have returned home with a greater appreciation for Italian wine, limoncello, gelato, fava bean cream, buffalo mozzarella, and an insatiable craving for tarallis – and I miss having a chauffeur! The tour of Amalfi Coast to Puglia was a memorable experience and we highly recommend it. We are already planning our next one!

This was our first tour with Amber Road, and to this part of Italy and we had a wonderful time. The itinerary was well planned, the hotel choices were excellent, and the meals were all very nice. We had a wonderful group of fellow travelers and cannot say enough about our tour leader. He went above and beyond to ensure that everyone in our group had a memorable experience. The local guides were also quite good and helped make our very enjoyable trip a learning experience as well. We would happily recommend Amber Road to anyone and look forward to travelling with them again.