We are extremely pleased with the tour of Sicily. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Island, and were appreciative of nearly perfect weather–mid 70s and sunny every day. The abundant vistas and s-turns up the mountainsides, coupled with the old-town alley way driving in the cities made us most grateful that we had not planned to rent a car and do this on our own!! Stefano earned our trust as driver of the bus. A fullsized bus for a small group tour assured our comfort and made it so easy to bring along anything needed, The travel agenda was busy but afforded enough free time to relax and enjoy our vacation–this was an important part of our decision. Saverio and all the local guides were considerate and knowledgeable throughout. Having only ten people assured us that we would not be waiting for the group to assemble, (although we were the only ones to oversleep during the trip!!!) The Mosaic churches were incredible even by Italian standards We marveled at seeing 400BC Greek ruins right next to 300AD Roman ruins. We loved Ragusa Ibla as well as Syracusa and Taormina! All the hotels were well located and unique so we felt safe walking and traveling everywhere. We were fortunate to have “the villa” assigned to us in Taormina at the Hotel Belvedere! An outstanding boutique hotel that was a great finish to a great trip! AND THE FOOD………….. We made great friends that we hope to see again soon—maybe on another Amber Road Tour??? We will definitely recommend this tour group to friends..

Loved Sicily.  Amber Road provided great hotels, restaurants, and local guides. The hotels were all clean, spacious and centrally located for self exploration. The restaurants were unique and provided local foods and wines. The guides were always knowledgeable and entertaining. Saverio was accommodating and fun.

This was our first experience with Amber Road Tours. Saverio was wonderful! He is a master at making sure that each of us had an awesome experience. All of the local guides were also exceptional. Mostly outstanding weather – unusual for us. Some rain but only at night. The group meals were outstanding, in particular in Marsala. The hotel choices – outstanding. Only having 10 individuals in our group was a nice surprise. Everyone was friendly and appeared to get along well. Jonathan and Sonya – thank you for your timely advice and for reaching out to me once you decided to start up again following the COVID shutdown.

We enjoyed our Sicily trip very much. Our guide, Saverio, was fantastic. Our bus driver, Stefano, was also great. He really navigated the small roads with great skill. Sicily certainly exceeded our expectation. The landscape, history, architecture, and food and wine were really unmatched. Saverio’s knowledge and enthusiasm for his country was contagious. The local guides were also wonderful. They each loved there respective towns and that certainly showed. The towns/cities on the itinerary were very nice and were a good mix between large and small cities. We thought the historical sites visited were also a great mix of what Sicily had to offer. We loved the Cathedrals, Mt Etna, the town walking tours, the Roman Villa, the Greek ruins, and all the rest. The hotels and luggage service were also top notch. We left at 3:00 AM to avoid a very long layover in Rome on the way home and it was no problem for Amber. Our luggage was picked up outside our room and our driver was very punctual. In closing, we can’t say enough nice things about Saverio and Stefano. We left as friends.

This was our 4th Amber Road Tour and as usual it was wonderful! Saverio was great fun and accommodating to everyone in our group. The weather was perfect and the food fantastic-what more could you ask? Looking forward to more adventures in the future.

This was our first time booking a group tour. We enjoyed the trip, and Saverio was outstanding.  If we are looking for another small group tour in the future we will certainly start with Amber Road Tours.

This is just a heartfelt “thank you” for the delightful tour Nancy and I enjoyed with Amber Road Tours in Sicily in early May. Our guide, Saverio Renda was perfect with detailed knowledge of Sicily, its history and culture.  He was so much fun!  As always, there were guests requiring special handling but he managed with such grace and ease that no one was really inconvenienced.  At every site, he personally introduced the local guide for a nice hand-off and comfort for all.  The individual local guides were also great, all of them, adding to our education and enjoyment. The bus was spotless, the driver interactive and attentive. Our hotels were located in areas amenable to touring on our own, walking, without the need for taxis, ubers, etc.  This choice of hotels suitable for independent walking exploration is clearly one of Amber Road Tours best attributes.  All hotel services were first-rate, many with in-house restaurants and bars. Arriving and departing from Sicily, we transferred in Rome, on ITA, with on-time, no-fuss service and easy connection with international flights.  We especially appreciated the good humor attending our 03:30 departure from Taormina.  Everyone was easygoing and pleasant with plenty of time at the airport for orientation, gate selection and security. We had a memorable journey, with great co-travelers and outstanding staff!  Thanks so much.

Anytime I have been to Italy, when the locals find out my heritage is half Sicilian, they would all tell me I have to visit. Well, I must say that this trip to Sicily with Amber Road has exceeded any expectations I had of Sicily. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I would highly recommend it! We experienced so much between the incredible churches, the magnificent temples, and thousands of well-preserved artifacts it was sensory overload every day. Each town or city or stop along the way was unique and beautiful, and the countryside and seaside was spectacular. We did so much every day that the last 3 days in Taormina was the icing on the cake and a time to unwind a bit. It is a wonderful resort town, and our hotel was lovely with beautiful gardens and postcard views. Amber Road takes such good care of you every step of the way. I can’t say enough good things about our Tour Manager, Saverio, who was very knowledgeable with a fantastic sense of humor. He certainly entertained us, and his love of Sicily was obvious and contagious. Fabio, our driver, was such a gentleman who perfectly navigated the chaotic roadways and city streets. Each of the local guides were extremely knowledgeable and filled our heads with so many historical facts which was so appreciated. Thank you, Amber Road for another memorable experience!

Loved our guide Saverio! Loved Sicily too! Amber Roads lived up to my expectation from my previous trips. They never disappoint. It was something different and exciting everyday and Taormina was a spectacular finish. In Sicily there are so many cultures that have influenced what is there, in ruins and in active churches and buildings that are so beautiful and surprising. Thank you for another lifetime memory.

The tour of Sicily was well planned and took in many sites that are recommended to see when visiting Sicily. The two night minimum stays were excellent, didn’t feel too rushed. Our guide Saverio was excellent, giving informative commentary on his island of Sicily, bringing each destination alive with his knowledge. His sense of humour added to the enjoyment of the tour. The local guides were also wonderful, and we definitely got the impression each was passionate about where they lived and the history of each place. Each location was one that I was keen to see, and the hotels were all good too, some were exceptional. I would recommend this tour to anyone.

I was so happy to finally visit Sicily after many trips to Italy and living on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Mariaelena was so integral to my enjoyment of the tour. She is a wonderful tour director and person. Her genuine care for our personal well-being was obvious throughout the tour. She imparted information about Sicily that was very helpful in understanding this storied land, part of Italy yet very much its own character. Towns that previously were only names are now real. The in city tour guides were excellent. My favorite food was probably pizza and I tried many of them. The earthy regional Sicilian wines were just perfect with them. Lovely to meet new people and especially lovely to have Mariaelena as our constant presence — Bellissimo! Thank you Lisa for being so helpful with our pre-tour arrangements — Amber Road does a great job all around.

A marvelous trip—well paced and organized, with informative local guides, comfortable accommodations, and beautiful scenery, all led flawlessly by our superb guide, Saverio. Always upbeat, Saverio generously shared his island of Sicily with us, teaching while entertaining with his ever present and delightful sense of humor. Never hovering but always attentive and attuned, responding to the needs of our group, he tirelessly and cheerfully went out of his way to accommodate the largest and smallest of requests. Saverio handled difficult situations creatively, skillfully, and with great empathy and kindness. We can’t thank him enough for making this such a great experience.

The tour exceeded our expectations. Saverio, our guide was a major factor: fully in control, informative, entertaining and caring. The accommodation was very good and the tour well paced. We had been told about Sicily as a great historical destination and it lived up to its reputation. October weather was very good with only a couple of rainy days. Sicilian food is very good too. We enjoyed the composition of our group as well – very thoughtful, interesting and engaging.

Mariaelena is an exceptional tour guide: knowledgeable, dedicated to her job, compassionate for those in need, and a great all around gal. It was my pleasure to meet her and I really appreciate the help she gave me. I got a 24 hour virus early on in the tour and she immediately went to the pharmacy for products that helped me recover soonest. She was always there for those on the tour in need. I loved talking with her; she has a depth of understanding of human nature that is impressive and ever so meaningful. I’ve been on many tours, and Mariaelena is at the top of my list of tour guides.

Our tour manager, Saverio Renda, was the best of any tour we’ve taken. So caring and was always ready to assist with any special needs such as when my husband injured his foot. He was well educated, knowledgeable and spoke English well. Saverio did his very best to make our tour special.

The trip to Sicily was wonderful and our tour guide, Mariaelena, was exceptional. Thank you so much!

We truly enjoyed our trip to Sicily. Mariaelena told us that we would better understand our parents, families, and ourselves after our visit and she was right. The sights are stunningly beautiful. There was so much charm, warmth and history everywhere. Mariaelena anticipated our every thought and wish. She did so for the entire group from start to finish. She made a wonderful trip become an unforgettable experience. Our THANKS to her and to Amber Road Tours.

Had a wonderful time on my 5th trip with Amber Roads to Sicily. Mariaelena our guide was as knowledgeable about Sicily as she is about Tuscany. She is a very caring guide who makes sure we were all happy. All the places we visited were interesting and we learned a lot about this part of Italy. Thank you Amber Roads!

This letter is long overdue and I apologize for that. We were on your Sicily tour in May with Mariaelena and had a superb experience. She has to be one of the most warm and caring individuals that we have ever met. She greets you with a smile in the morning and it continues all day into the night. We had an unfortunate medical emergency in Noto and she was with my wife holding her hand when they stitched her up in the hospital in Siracuse. She was extremely knowledgeable and you could tell that she had a deep love of Sicily and especially all of the people that she dealt with during the tour. The trip was well planned out with all of the hotels located centrally in the cities we visited. The hotels were all charming and each one had their own character. The local guides who assisted Mariaelena were all excellent. This was our first trip with Amber Tours and our tenth trip in Europe and we were so pleased with this tour and would most certainly use Amber Road Tours again.

Excellent tour and excursion. Despite that there were just two men and the rest women, (and I was one of the men) we had a wonderful time. Our tour manager Mariaelena was lively, efficient, much fun, informative and caring for everyone in the group. Sicily is beautiful and the history (provided by local tour guides) was amazing. We stayed in beautiful hotels in great locations as we traveled around the island. We saw many historic ruins which had wonderful backgrounds, etc. We will always remember this trip as being one of our best and hope we can do others in the future. We like the idea that everything is well planned for us to have a good time. Also, the smaller group allowed us to get to know the others in the group better.

I just ran into a friend and told him we came back from a wonderful trip to Sicily with Amber Roads. This was our third tour with them. He wrinkled his nose and said that he visited Sicily when he did a Mediterranean cruise. When pressed further he commented that he was in Palermo. I wasted no time in telling him that he cannot judge the beautiful island of Sicily with a quick stop in Palermo! While Palermo had a charm of its own, each subsequent town visited was even more wonderful than the last. The sites and towns visited were superb- Amber certainly does it right in selecting a sampling of sites to visit, places to dine and hotels to stay at. The history explained through the city guides, the people, the food, the hotels and our lovely tour guide Mariaelena were absolutely wonderful. Angelo, our driver for the week, was also top notch! We love the small, intimate group size -16 is perfect and have always been fortunate to share our time with many nice fellow travelers.

Great trip. Mariaelena was the best guide. Highly recommend this tour.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour in all aspects. In particular, our wonderfully funny and yet professional tour manager Saverio and also the guide in Taormina whose acting skills and humour gave her the status of fantastic local guide.

Our best trip ever. We’ve traveled to Europe in the past but never a tour. The tour was top notch. Saverio, our guide was amazing. He was on top of everyone’s issues. The hotels were excellent. All of the local guides were very knowledgeable. We will surely use Amber Road tours for our future vacations.

We ate, drank, walked and laughed our way around the island of Sicily! The hotels were all great and the food was fantastic. One included meal was better than the next. Some of the restaurants included were places we would never have found on our own. All the local tour guides were very knowledgeable. But our tour director, Saverio, was amazing. He was interesting and fun. He paid attention to the small details, not only including dietary restrictions. Since my husband and I had challenges with stairs, he made sure our hotel room at each hotel was easily accessible. He took care of all the details in advance so our hotels and restaurants were always ready for us when we arrived. When a short illness caused me to miss the morning tour, he rearranged the tour schedule to meet back at the hotel prior to the afternoon tour so I could rejoin the group.