A lucky click of a website and we found you! Thank you again for a most magnificent trip! This tour was more like visiting a family member who would take you to the best places in the area… all the little towns and scenic spots that you would never find on your own. We highly recommend it! 

Sylvia was an excellent tour guide and we were very lucky to have her. We highly recommend her. All in all, our [custom] trip was delightful. All of the planning went well and we enjoyed every facet of the trip. Thanks for a wonderful job.

Jonathan and Sonya did a marvelous job of organizing our custom one week Tuscan adventure for thirty people. Everything was perfect – from the comfortable coach, to the excellent restaurants, to the fascinating sites (we particularly loved Pisa and Carrara). I was very impressed that they had visited every place in advance, even eating at each restaurant, to ensure that we would have a great experience. They were creative in meeting our needs, whether finding a hike that would be near our villas or renting a wheelchair for my mother. I highly recommend them if you want a custom Italian adventure!

We had a wonderful time on the Tuscany/Umbria tour – Luca [our tour escort] was great! We learned more and saw more and did more than we ever could have if we had tried to organize our own trip. THANKS!!!!!

The tour was way more than I expected. The dinner at Bevagna, by the way, was too much. I felt like I should be throwing bones to scavenger dogs, and waving to peasants as they stood and watched the wealthy eat. As the days go by, I remember snippets of our journey that are so wonderful. It was an “over the top” trip from start to finish.

…two wonderful weeks in Tuscany & Umbria. The personal touch you and Sonya brought to the trip was a definite advantage to us tourists! Luca was an organized, informed and personable tour guide and helped make the trip a pleasant experience. Keep me posted on any new itineraries and activities you plan. 

We had an absolutely fabulous time! I can’t stop thinking about the wonderful places we’ve seen, the people we met and the food we had! I just finished preparing a Tuscan feast for my family who are coming for dinner tonight. I wish you were both here to join us. We will let you know when (not if ) we return to Italy, for sure.

We truly had a wonderful time and we can’t say enough about the entire experience. We certainly hope to travel again and you will hear from us when we do. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I think that special touch you have helps to make the tour successful.

Arrived home yesterday and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had. Your company does a fabulous job. Many thanks for the Tuscan experience!

In our early investigations, Ruby and I scoured the internet for a tour that caught our fancy. We found many but the tour muse always seemed to point us back to yours. Our choice was made on the aspects of small group and visits to well-known as well as out-of-the-way places. The reality of the tour surpassed anything that we anxiously anticipated from the itinerary. The mix of history, art, churches, palaces, fortresses, abbeys, castles, piazzas, shopping, food and wine provides a recipe for full days followed by the comforts of the well-chosen hotels. You have put together a prize-winning experience. Luca, our tour escort, and Ennio, our faithful driver, can’t be beat for professionalism along with personality. Grazie! to you all with best wishes to each of you in all you do.

…transported us back to medieval times in modern transportation, stopping in many medieval villages to stay in quaint hotels, have dinners in old inns, or lunch along a narrow cobblestone street. In all our many travels, my husband and I found Tuscany and Umbria to be one of the most picturesque areas. One of the most quaint villages that we enjoyed was Pienza, where we walked the narrow streets, admired the beautiful flowers, and joined in the fun of a Pecorino cheese rolling contest at a local festival. All of this and more under the direction of Jonathan, Sonya and our charming guide Luca who took such good care of us. Thanks for a wonderful scenic trip back in time.

Our tour of Tuscany was the one of best trips I’ve ever taken. The hotels were lovely. The food was awesome. Our tour guide, Luca, was very knowledgeable, incredibly helpful, and always cheerful. Every place we visited was an adventure; I often felt I had been taken back hundreds of years in time. I can’t pinpoint a favorite city or event because I had many favorites. I don’t believe we could have experienced Tuscany with such intimacy on any other tour. Thank you for making it so special.

We really enjoyed our trip with your company – it was just what we wanted. We would highly recommend it for anyone who really wants to see the best that Tuscany and Umbria have to offer. Thank you and Sonya for all your assistance.

We loved the tour. It was everything I wanted and more. I would return to Tuscany in a heartbeat. Thanks for the memories. Let us know about any more tours you are planning. We are ready.

I can’t say enough about the tour. I have come back home totally fulfilled. The tour was excellent and I shall certainly spread the word. I think the format that you have is perfect…..please don’t change a thing. I’ll certainly be checking your website from time to time and who knows I just may make it for another trip someday. Thankyou both for all your care and attention and I wish you both the happiness and success you deserve.

Justine and I cannot begin to express our deepest appreciation for all the work you did to make our tour an unqualified success. There simply are no adjectives that can describe the enjoyment we experienced every moment we were with the group. The hotels, the food and the itinerary were absolutely superb. All of the activities were well planned out, varied in scope and immensely interesting. I know we both learned more history than either of us experienced in our combined schooling. Then there was the wine! What great selections, in copious amounts, with tastings and vineyard tours to top everything off. Thanks again for everything and give our best to Luca who made our tour the most enjoyable travel experience ever.

Cindy and I had a wonderful time in Italy and enjoyed spending time with you and Sonya. You’ve put together a terrific tour and we’re recommending it to all of our friends. We’re thinking of another trip to Italy next summer; perhaps we will see each other again.

Your “back road” tour was First Class in every way — the superb food, plentiful wine, 4-star hotels, a congenial group, and an unexcelled staff. Maria Elena was perfect as a tour guide. We cannot say enough good things about her. And Ennio! What a great guy and friend, not to mention an excellent driver. We spent quite a bit of time together and really enjoyed each other’s company. I can’ t thank you and Sonya enough for all the help you all gave us during our trip. It was one of THE best trips we have ever taken, and that’s saying a lot!

People have been asking me about the trip, and I can’t tell them enough good things about the way our vacation was handled. The only bad thing is that when they ask me for my favorite place, I have to say that each small town or area we visited had its own little gem tucked away. I really loved the wine museum, and I know we never would’ve found it on our own. I’m so glad that you found them and decided to share them with us. I also appreciated the free time worked into the tour, so that we had time to do our own things in the different towns. And, Luca was great! I can’t remember how many times he made Ennio pull over so that we could have a photo op. That really made the trip special, and we got some photos we never could have had without him. (I don’t know if Jerry got a shot of that “terrific” view available only through the window of the public men’s room in Assisi, but Luca did mention it.) Luca, Ennio and Mario were a great team to have with us on the trip. They had such great fun together and set the tone for the rest of us. And, each local guide was a joy to hear. They all obviously took great pride in their towns and special care in their work. You also did an outstanding job selecting the hotels. We were blown away by the unique rooms and terrific views we had in almost all of the hotels. I count us as being particularly lucky in getting the room with the arched stone ceiling in Gubbio. That was so very special! And, our room in San Gimignano was just a few feet above from the posted “scenic view” on the wall below. We left the windows open most of the time and spent much of our time in the room just staring out over the hills.

Our time in Italy was grand! We both felt you and Sonya had really done your homework in arranging hotels, meals and activities for us. We so enjoyed Ennio and of-course, Luca. And….we really enjoyed all our fellow travelers. We bonded quickly. That does not always happen. I fully understand why you have made Italy your home. It is a beautiful country, very diverse and filled with wonderful art, music, food and history. Thank you for putting together something that allows people like Jim and myself the opportunity to experience a “taste” of that!

Your tour was absolutely wonderful. It offers everything anyone might want to see and do in Tuscany and Umbria. We experienced more than we anticipated on your tour. Many thanks for all your work and fine planning. Your special dinners were evenings to treasure. And Luca, tour escort, and Ennio, driver, added a great deal of pleasure to our trip. Luca is so knowledgeable of all the places we visited, and Ennio could drive around those curves in the mountains like we couldn’t believe. They are both so professional and so entertaining. We now have great memories and pictures to share with our family and friends.

It may be redundant to applaud here once more the excellent professional and friendly service of Luca and Ennio. They made the tour group always feel good and every day’s outing feel like a family picnic!

I would highly recommend the tour to anyone All in all a great holiday. Well done on your organization. Would love to do another trip with you sometime.

I just wanted to thank you again for sponsoring such an incredible and awesome trip. I can’t stop raving about it – I have done a lot of traveling and this was by far one of the best trips!

I want to say how thankful I am that I was able to see Tuscany and Umbria with your tour company. I have recommended your group to almost everyone that I have come in contact with since arriving home. It was truly a wonderful lifetime experience, and Luca and Ennio were the best!