We are so glad that Amber Road Tours is back!  It was such a shock when Jonathan emailed about closing down Amber Tours last March 2020. We thoroughly enjoyed the quality and depth of previous tours we joined to Sicily and Amalfi/Puglia  and were looking forward to visiting Umbria for our next tour. We applaud your slow re-opening strategy.

Soo wonderful to see you up and operating again! Thanks for letting us know. Can’t wait to travel with you again.

I am delighted that Amber Road is coming back.  I have totally enjoyed my four trips with you.  I love travelling in a small group and the quality of your tours.

Ciao Jonathan!!  George and I are SO THRILLED to hear from you again!  We were lamenting how no other tour company matches the variety, detail, and user-friendliness as Amber Tours did and so we, as many others, were praying that you would resurface.  I can well appreciate that your scheduling and all that goes on behind the scenes in making your trips so wonderful might still be \”in process.\”  But as I hyperventilate over the many places we are eager to see, I just wanted to ask if your Madrid and Central Spain trip may take shape sometime in 2022 or realistically, not until 2023?

We traveled with you to Sicily and found everything exceptional. So glad you are back in business.  Look forward to traveling with you again

Awesome news!!!!!

Your email was a wonderful way to start a wild, wintry day in Melbourne! I was so very pleased to read the exciting news and am still smiling at the possibility of being able to join you all again. At present we are not allowed out of the country and only returning Australians are allowed in. They must then quarantine for 2 weeks in a Government chosen facility. We are hoping this situation will change by early 2022 when the majority of our population is fully vaccinated. Please keep on sending me the news as we welcome the happier, healthier months ahead. The cases are easily accessible, the passport is current and the spirit is as positive as ever! It was a lovely compliment to be quoted in your first email for 2021.

Wonderful news.  Sending best wishes for a successful return to  business.

So excited to see your email. Welcome back. We enjoyed our two trips with you and hope to plan a third.

I am so excited for you and for us. Another happy Aussie here looking forward to travelling with you again. All the best.

Wowie!  Dreaming…

That is good news.  Welcome back.  We hadn’t travelled with you, but had made a booking for Portugal to travel in 2020.  We were most impressed how you refunded all payments – quite a contrast to the tour we had booked for Morocco – and hopefully will travel with you in the near future.

Congratulations to you Jonathan and all at Amber Road ! I am so happy that you are on the road again. We here in Australia will not be able to travel internationally (borders closed) until next year but I look forward to travelling with you next year or beyond.

That is the best news we have received in a long time.  We were lucky enough to have Luca as a tour guide and with him at the helm Amber Roads is in good hands. We look forward to travelling again with you as these were among the best holidays we have ever had. We wish you all a Speedy return to normality and look forward to enjoying more holidays with Amber Road Tours.

Ah that is good news Jonathan, as the saying goes “never say never”.  We do wish you all the best for a successful resurgence.  Living in New Zealand we can only imagine the stresses and strains this pandemic has put on the populations of countries such as Italy, England, France, Malaysia etc.  That and contact from friends living in those countries, some of whom we met on our Amber Road tour in 2015, the only one we have been fortunate enough to experience thus far.

Wow. That is great news. We look forward to travelling again when we are allowed to leave the country (Australia). Good luck

Just received this notice and I was more than delighted to get this news. We were hoping you would come back since there is no other tour company I would rather vacation with. We are happy to hear that Luca is partnering with you since he was our guide on the Amalfi tour. Once we make a decision when we will travel, I will be in touch. Many Blessings to you all!

Claudette and I are so glad to see Amber Tours being renewed. We wish all of you the very best wishes and success.

This is such wonderful news that you are operating again! We have only done one Amber Road tour (Tuscany and Umbria with Luca) but we regard it as our best trip ever and can’t wait to plan for some more. Glad to see Luca taking charge of things.

Just wanted to say how happy we are to hear that you are reopening.  You have always been our favorite company to travel with and we can\’t wait to book again. When you closed we felt like we had lost  many dear friends. Thank you for making me smile again😄

Wonderful news!!!  Dare I hope the world is coming alive once again?  I laughed when I read your question: “Please verify you are a human.”  There were times these pass 16 months when I would have had serious doubts about how to answer that question.  But slowly and surely we’ve emerged from the dark hole and entered into the sunlight.  And the return of Amber Road Tours has certainly done its part in lifting my spirits.  So thank you!  And here’s to the future and wherever travel takes us.

We are so happy to hear that you got your “second wind” and are back in business for 2022. We are also glad to hear that Luca now has a larger role in Amber Road. He was our Tour Manager on our very first Amber Road tour….to Tuscany and Umbria. He was a wonderful guide, and we have no doubt that he will be an equally good manager and partner for the company down the road.

I am thrilled for you all that you are back in business!!

Such good news!!!   We will be booking…

Dear Amber Tours:  Thank you for your latest piece of great news!!  We are all starting to breathe and know that our lives have been affected but not done in!  Looking forward to more good trips with all of you. You made my day!