We are so sorry to lose you as a most wonderful travel company. We are grateful to have experienced your hospitality over two memorable tours. Our very best wishes to you and your staff and hope that all can be resurrected in better times.  Thank you!

So sorry to hear the news of your closing. Our trip to Sicily was one of the best tour that my husband and I have taken. We continue to be in contact with the group on that tour. We hope that at some time soon you will reopen. Wishing you all the best.


It has been a few years since we travelled with you but I’d like to say that is was an amazing experience and one we will always treasure.   I hope we thanked you enough afterwards!… We wish you the very best with future endeavors and we also hope that all of the venues etc.  that you have booked for 2020+ tours will understand and hopefully be able to refund you some or all of your deposits. Canada is finally realizing it needs to shut down. Sadly,  Italy has provided this example to the world.  Locally schools have closed and more and more closures and cancellations are announced daily. Take good care of yourselves!  Wishing Italy a healthy return to normal…

Classiest email ever. We booked with Perillio. They are keeping our deposit, and they want us to go in October. Only offer made to us. We have no guarantee things will be better. By God’s grace they will be. They also want us to pay 350 each in addition if we cancel. I’m so sorry we didn’t book with you. They were just soooo nasty about whole thing.  I will pray for all of you. God be with you all over there. My husband works for an Italian bank so we hear how really bad everything is. Please Take Care.

We are so sorry to learn that you have had to close your tour company and feel desperately sorry for all your excellent tour operators  who have now lost their employment. We have enjoyed 4 or 5 tours with your company all of which have been most memorable. We wish you both everything of the best, good health  and hope that this terrible time will soon pass and that your company will be able to resuscitate afterwards.

I read your email with such disappointment as my experience of touring with Amber Road through southern Italy set the standard for travelling with any tour group in future!  For years we have travelled around the world independently  – researching and reading up on the history, culture and politics of the country/region before we left. However with S/Italy we thought going with a tour group would provide us with a much great experience, deeper insight and more information than we could get by travelling by ourselves.  ….. and we were not disappointed!  Our Tour Manager, Anna, was excellent and we were so very, very impressed with the quality of information provided by each of the Tour Guides in the various places we visited. We planned to visit Sicily with Amber Road but unfortunately the group was full at the only time we were free to travel. While the trip with Back Roads was enjoyable, it was not at the standard of an Amber Road. As a self-employed business person, I understand the issues confronting Amber Road.  However should Amber Road Tours find that it is possible to continue, we will certainly travel again with you. Wishing you the very best in this difficult economic climate.

This is very sad but understandable news. Marian and I thank you for the joy and wonderful experience we had on our trips to Tuscany, Umbria and Marche and Central Spain. We had planned to start touring again with you after spending the years between travelling outback Australia. We had hoped for Sicily. Your tours were absolutely the best of any of our overseas adventures and for that we thank you for the unforgettable memories. Please pass on our best wishes to Mariaelena and Enrique both wonderful people and spectacular guides.

We also send our thoughts and friendship to you both and hope that you both and yours get through this terrible pestilence both in Italy and the USA. We feel for you. If there is a rebirth of Amber Road could you pass on our contacts.

I was immensely saddened to read your newsletter of your closure.   What is also immensely frightening is that since you sent it on the 17th March, when the death toll in Italy was 1800 it has, according to today’s paper, now reached 4,000.   That is truly awful news for all Italians and for those who have made Italy their home and for those who love the country.

Doug and I so enjoyed our five tours with you and in his last month he said, several times, that he was so glad we had made the Milan/Lakes tour which we had both loved.   Your wonderful tour leaders made trips so enjoyable, not only with their knowledge and their assistance but also their patience with the travellers who could occasionally be difficult.   I am so sorry for the two leaders whom Doug and I met (Laura Serafin and Federica Wagner)  who were with you until the end.   They were both so kind and generous in themselves to Doug and me and although we didn’t meet Mariaelena, I would have loved to have toured with her as there were so many wonderful comments about her on your website.    I hope all your tour leaders find other occupations soon.

I had hoped that this year, I would be able to sell our home and then travel with you by myself to Andalucia and Portugal.  I knew that I would be so well looked after by your company and would not feel “alone”.   Sadly, neither is to be as a real estate agent told me yesterday to put off selling for at least six to 12 months and you won’t be there then.

I have a great deal of respect for you honouring the return of payments and deposits – it seems that so many companies are not doing that. Whatever you choose to do in the future, I wish you both the very best.   Amber Roads was certainly a great success that you should be immensely proud of.

Dear Jonathan, Sonya and Lisa (and other members of Amber Road staff) Thank you for your email, we are devastated for you.  This is such a sad time but to have to close a business that you have grown and that we all love would be incredibly hard for you.  We have always felt that we were all part of a huge special international family as we have met so many true friends travelling with Amber Roads as well as having the pleasure of meeting you and Sonya and Lisa.  Up until I read your email we were wondering what the future would bring for our Sicily trip but had expected that things would go ‘back to normal’ by then.  But of course we now live in a new ‘normal’ and we fully understand your decision. Be assured we would definitely be interested in any future form of Amber Roads and we will continue to travel as soon as countries open their borders. Please let us know if anything happens in the future.  We won’t be cancelling our trip in September as we will want to go to Italy and support them in their regrowth but it won’t be the same without our AR tour in the middle of it. Personally, we were due to leave Australia this weekend and so we have had to cancel that trip to the US and England but that is a small thing compared with the devastation to your beautiful country and so many other countries that Rod and I have had the privilege of travelling to over many many years. In cancelling that journey we have been mindful of not leaving businesses unsupported in the hope that others will share the load too and that the business can survive.  So to this end we wish to leave a quarter of our deposit with you.  Although we have only had 3 AR guides in all our trips they have all been supported by you and Lisa so we will leave it to your discretion how the money is shared. Love to you all.  Be safe and take care.

Jonathan – a lovely, heartfelt, and heartbreaking note about the closure of Amber Tours. My wife Sheila and I took 2 very enjoyable tours with your company  a few years back, and should the occasion have arisen to again travel in Italy would have been with you again. You were very helpful with some unique details we needed and the tours and guides were all we could have hope for. In looking at your list of managers we noted Mariaelena, whom we were fortunate enough to see Sicily with. You can feel proud of what you accomplished and only the most unforeseeable of circumstances has brought you down. You have been hit by a truly unfortunate set of circumstances and we feel sorry for you and your staff.

I  am very sad to read your email covering your closing. One of the highlights of our much travelled life was our tour with you to southern Italy, an adventure we often recall as the exemplar by which others are to be measured. We tried to join you again in Sicily 2 years ago but the tours were fully booked well in advance – a testament no doubt to the quality and popularity of your product. I also note that even at this time you maintain your integrity by repaying your customers even in the face of your own losses. My best wishes to  you and your unfortunate staff and I hope the future will bring you all good fortune when the world is once again able to travel.  With very special memories.

Hello. I am here in the United States and do not have a reservation but I have worked with you folks in the past. I would like to make a donation however. Our hearts go out to you folks in Italy. We are praying for great healing in your country and in the months to come. We are all in this together in if only by the small donation I can let you feel the love and support that you have from your friends I would like to do so. May God bless and keep you all near Him.

Very sad. We really loved our Sicily tour in 2016. Hopefully Amber Roads Tours will arise from the ashes and provide future fun and adventure for travellers from across the world.

We were very saddened reading your letter about the closing of your company but we understand your position and share the pain. We treasure the experiences we had with Amber Road Tours and we are certain it will survive these difficult times. With appreciation for their contributions to the Amber Road Tours family, from our refund, we would like to make donations to Lisa Sample and to Mariaelena Ciacci to help them a little during this transitional period. With our best wishes.

I totally understand the approach you have taken.  I do hope that in the goodness of time Amber Road Tours will recommence operations.  It is the best Tour Group I have had the privilege  to travel with having enjoyed three lovely tours.  I have recommended your Group to many people and I hope they have taken up my recommendation. Kindly give my regards to Luca and Sean.  Wishing you and yours all the best in the coming months.

I was so sad to get the news today that not only the tour to Italy was cancelled but more importantly, Amber Road will be no more. You have provided a wonderful service to so many travelers and you will be most painfully missed. Please contribute part of my deposit to Lisa in thanks for her help and patience over the years.  I hope that the world will soon recover from this terrible circumstance and that Amber Road will continue in some form in the future.

Hi Lisa. We hope that you will be part of the new Amber Road Tours in the future. I’ll not make any further comment regarding the stressful lives we are going through. Tiziana – thanks for your charm and lovely personality. Your artist partner is so fortunate. To Sean we will catch up with in the future – he would have been and again hopefully will be again a wonderful addition to Amber Road Travel in Spain. Thank you Jonathan & Sonya for your guidance in our travel experiences and your dedication/focus on your business. Stay healthy and happy through what is very challenging times.

It was with much sadness that we read the email you sent about Amber in 2020.  You are in our thoughts. We have a refund from which we would like to donate to Marialena Ciacci and to Andrej Vatovec. We are at home self isolating as those over 70 and with medical issues are advised to do.  May this awful virus soon be controlled and until then we wish you and Sonya good health.

Dear Friends at Amber Road, Although I have never traveled with you, I have tremendously enjoyed receiving your beautiful news reports and from time to time your lovely brochures.  I am stunned by your news and want to tell you that I am so sorry that such a super company is leaving us. I wish there was something concrete that an old bat of 86 could do to help but I’m afraid that all I can do is wish everyone well and pray that all will be able to find well-paying employment, both your own staff and all the guides and tour directors and you personally. Thank you for all the wonderful dreams you set dancing in my head with your enchanting-sounding tours.  I hope that all of you and il bel paese survive, revive and thrive in the not-too-distant future.   My best wishes and love to you all, and warmest thanks. In bocca al lupo.

I am so saddened to learn of your current challenges. I would like my payment to be directed to Tiziana who will be forever close to our hearts. She was a delight to be with on our tour of the hill towns!  Never to be forgotten! Jonathan and Sonya, you created a wonderful, authentic travel experience for so many fortunate travelers. Our very sincere best wishes to you both. Hoping our paths will some day cross again.

Very sad to hear your news. We have had 5 great trips with you. Excellent service from Lisa  & others. We will miss going to Portugal with you later this year. Truly hope that things improve & you get on your feet again.

 I am so sorry about the closing of Amber Road Tours.  The two trips I had (Sicily in 2014 and Andalusia in 2016) were among the best experiences of my life.  I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to take another.  The guides and office support were wonderful. As a thank you, I have submitted a gift to be distributed to Saverio, Sean, Lisa and Lina.

We are  so sad to  read this  news. Thank you  Amber Road for 5 wonderful  tours. You set a benchmark  for our group  travel  experiences that has not been  matched  in any way by 2 other  companies we have used to  travel in countries where you  did not offer tours. We wish you and your  staff  the very best  in the difficult  times  ahead. Please let Lisa know  that  she should keep our contact  details  as we would love to be able to support  any future  ‘Amber like ‘ tours. Stay well and and again  thanks for the  great holiday  experiences.

My partner and I are moved and saddened by this email. Although we have only travelled once with ART (Andalucia with Sean in 2016) it was a wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling experience, as we said in our testimonial and we were seriously considering Central Spain for next year. We truly hope you will survive this distressing situation and be able to resurrect your business before too long.
With every good wish,

We are very sorry to hear that Amber Road is closing. While we hadn’t yet experienced one of your tours, we’d heard very favourable things about them and we were very keen to see Sicily with you. We have also been impressed with the service we have received and the prompt response to emails. We would be happy to donate a gift. We don’t know anyone in your group so we leave it up to you to decide who it should go to. Hope to see Amber Road back on its feet in a year or two.