This is just a heartfelt “thank you” for the delightful tour Nancy and I enjoyed with Amber Road Tours in Sicily in early May. Our guide, Saverio Renda was perfect with detailed knowledge of Sicily, its history and culture.  He was so much fun!  As always, there were guests requiring special handling but he managed with such grace and ease that no one was really inconvenienced.  At every site, he personally introduced the local guide for a nice hand-off and comfort for all.  The individual local guides were also great, all of them, adding to our education and enjoyment. The bus was spotless, the driver interactive and attentive. Our hotels were located in areas amenable to touring on our own, walking, without the need for taxis, ubers, etc.  This choice of hotels suitable for independent walking exploration is clearly one of Amber Road Tours best attributes.  All hotel services were first-rate, many with in-house restaurants and bars. Arriving and departing from Sicily, we transferred in Rome, on ITA, with on-time, no-fuss service and easy connection with international flights.  We especially appreciated the good humor attending our 03:30 departure from Taormina.  Everyone was easygoing and pleasant with plenty of time at the airport for orientation, gate selection and security. We had a memorable journey, with great co-travelers and outstanding staff!  Thanks so much.

Our friends assumed that our tour of the Amalfi Coast and Apulia was exhausting from seeing our Facebook posts, but Amber Roads Tours are so well organized that the pace almost seems leisurely.  Our tour director, Tiziana kept her “chickens” safe and happy and expanded on the considerable knowledge of the local guides, including the charming last minute substitute guide in Lecce.  The location and quality of the hotels was consistently excellent, especially the unique Sassi hotel in Matera.  The variety of destinations, accommodations, cultural and culinary experiences is the reason we look forward to touring with Amber Roads again in the future.

Anytime I have been to Italy, when the locals find out my heritage is half Sicilian, they would all tell me I have to visit. Well, I must say that this trip to Sicily with Amber Road has exceeded any expectations I had of Sicily. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I would highly recommend it! We experienced so much between the incredible churches, the magnificent temples, and thousands of well-preserved artifacts it was sensory overload every day. Each town or city or stop along the way was unique and beautiful, and the countryside and seaside was spectacular. We did so much every day that the last 3 days in Taormina was the icing on the cake and a time to unwind a bit. It is a wonderful resort town, and our hotel was lovely with beautiful gardens and postcard views. Amber Road takes such good care of you every step of the way. I can’t say enough good things about our Tour Manager, Saverio, who was very knowledgeable with a fantastic sense of humor. He certainly entertained us, and his love of Sicily was obvious and contagious. Fabio, our driver, was such a gentleman who perfectly navigated the chaotic roadways and city streets. Each of the local guides were extremely knowledgeable and filled our heads with so many historical facts which was so appreciated. Thank you, Amber Road for another memorable experience!

Loved our guide Saverio! Loved Sicily too! Amber Roads lived up to my expectation from my previous trips. They never disappoint. It was something different and exciting everyday and Taormina was a spectacular finish. In Sicily there are so many cultures that have influenced what is there, in ruins and in active churches and buildings that are so beautiful and surprising. Thank you for another lifetime memory.

I booked this tour when things were still a bit grim Covid wise with the hope that the anticipation would lighten the dark days of winter here in the UK. My first trip ( this was my fourth) with Amber, many years ago was their shorter trip of Tuscany, and I have always yearned to return. Well the Tuscany & Umbria tour totally delivered – Italy was pretty much opened up post covid – one still had to wear masks on public transport – so the plane in and on the tour bus – but apart from that, as far as I could see everything was back to normal. We were a multinational group of just 8 in a 28 seater coach – so plenty of room, the itinerary was well planned taking us to amazing places like Spoleto and Gubbio as well as the more familiar delights of Florence and Lucca. One of my personal highlights was the obvious delight and excitement of our guide Tiziana and that of the local guides and hoteliers in meeting again after the long covid hiatus. There was the usual thoughtful mix of well informed group tours and delicious meals balanced with personal down time. Thanks Amber – so glad you are back!

I’d like to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed Amber’s first post-Covid trip. Have to say I was a little cautious about booking the same Tuscany-Umbria trip I’d taken a number of years ago, but this trip was totally different from what I remembered. I’d recommend to anyone thinking about travel to consider repeating a trip they enjoyed before—places and people change.  The positives included: Tiziana, and Giuseppe, as well as the small group of world travellers.  Also enjoyed sharing dinner with both you and Sonia in Spoleto.  I’m sure I’ll be on another Amber tour in the not too distant future.

I was so excited yesterday, when I went to your website and saw you were back.  I’m just a little disappointed that it isn’t until next year (2022).  I’m sure I’ll be back in touch to book a trip soon. Hopefully you’ll have plenty of space.

We are delighted that you are back in 2022!!!! Dave and I have missed your tours, and were so sad when you closed Amber Road! We thought we were going to have to look elsewhere, and we didn’t want to do that. So happy!!!!!!!!!!! We will definitely book a trip!

This is FABULOUS news and we wish you well. Luca was our tour guide on our first tour with Amber Road in Tuscany and Umbria. Maybe we will have the opportunity for a 5th trip with Amber Road! Cheers,

We went to Sicily in October 2019 with your company — lovely time.  We were a party of 6. Loved everyone we encountered — other tour participants, guides, and management team.

Wonderful news that you are restarting. Still one of the best tour experiences we’ve had!

Fantastic news indeed.  We will be definitely coming onboard in 2023.  Can you give us an idea of when the tours in 2023 will be available?  Still jumping for joy that the best tour company ever is up and running again. Yesssssss.

My wife and I are so pleased that you have decided to restart your tours. We have been on two previously to Italy and we enjoyed them tremendously. The hotels that you use are not your regular \”chain\” but are all the better for that. Your tour managers are the best, we are regular travellers and have been to many countries with lots of different companies but we can assure you that your tour managers are the best. So good luck and perhaps we will see you next year.

Just wanted you to know that our tour group from Sicily 2017 has been having Zoom wine tastings each month for the last several months. Saverio Renda even joined us for one night. We have enjoyed wines from five continents. This month we are tasting Croatia. We are hoping to arrange a reunion tour since we are all vaccinated. On Wednesday, we will be toasting this return of Amber Road.

Such GREAT NEWS!!!  So glad you are back!!  We so thoroughly enjoyed our tour with you.  Luca was our guide. He is AMAZING!!! So happy that he is with  you too!! Hopefully next year~~

We are so glad that Amber Road Tours is back!  It was such a shock when Jonathan emailed about closing down Amber Tours last March 2020. We thoroughly enjoyed the quality and depth of previous tours we joined to Sicily and Amalfi/Puglia  and were looking forward to visiting Umbria for our next tour. We applaud your slow re-opening strategy.

Soo wonderful to see you up and operating again! Thanks for letting us know. Can’t wait to travel with you again.

I am delighted that Amber Road is coming back.  I have totally enjoyed my four trips with you.  I love travelling in a small group and the quality of your tours.

Ciao Jonathan!!  George and I are SO THRILLED to hear from you again!  We were lamenting how no other tour company matches the variety, detail, and user-friendliness as Amber Tours did and so we, as many others, were praying that you would resurface.  I can well appreciate that your scheduling and all that goes on behind the scenes in making your trips so wonderful might still be \”in process.\”  But as I hyperventilate over the many places we are eager to see, I just wanted to ask if your Madrid and Central Spain trip may take shape sometime in 2022 or realistically, not until 2023?

We traveled with you to Sicily and found everything exceptional. So glad you are back in business.  Look forward to traveling with you again

Awesome news!!!!!

Your email was a wonderful way to start a wild, wintry day in Melbourne! I was so very pleased to read the exciting news and am still smiling at the possibility of being able to join you all again. At present we are not allowed out of the country and only returning Australians are allowed in. They must then quarantine for 2 weeks in a Government chosen facility. We are hoping this situation will change by early 2022 when the majority of our population is fully vaccinated. Please keep on sending me the news as we welcome the happier, healthier months ahead. The cases are easily accessible, the passport is current and the spirit is as positive as ever! It was a lovely compliment to be quoted in your first email for 2021.

Wonderful news.  Sending best wishes for a successful return to  business.

So excited to see your email. Welcome back. We enjoyed our two trips with you and hope to plan a third.

I am so excited for you and for us. Another happy Aussie here looking forward to travelling with you again. All the best.