We have travelled many times to Europe without an organized tour and were pleasantly surprised and impressed with our experience with our Amber Road tour.
It was a leisurely, informative and fun 8 nights and 9 days. The tour was kept small which allowed for everyone to get to know each other and never felt like we were part of a herd. It was a wonderful mix of the known highlights with some delightful surprises – the opera in Lucca, talking with a sculptor in Carrara, walking the trails of the Cinque Terre and a boat trip to Portofino & Saint Margarita. We appreciated the blend of organized and free time to explore or rest. The choice of restaurants was special as each was different and provided a local flavor.  Beatrice was a fun and informative manager. Each of the local tour guides obviously knew their town and its history. This made the tour even more intimate. It was particularly special to have dinner and breakfast with you and Sonya. You can be certain that we will be highly recommending Amber Road Tours.

Thank you for a fabulous trip to Italy. Everything was great! You went above and beyond in service and quality. Well done!

We selected Amber Road Tours for our first trip to Tuscany and we could not have had a better experience. Amber Road’s small group format was perfect for what we wanted and Mariaelena was a wonderful leader for our group. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about all of the places we visited, she is just fun to be around. Her sense of humor and her ability to keep all of us interested combined to make our trip memorable. We also enjoyed the opportunity to visit with Sonya and Jonathan and it is obvious that they are very hands on and committed to creating outstanding tours for their travelers. We will certainly want to travel with Amber Road on our next trip to Italy.

We are now back home and trying to decide when we can take another trip with Amber Road Tours. We happened onto your website and really had no knowledge of your company other than what we read. We travel quite a lot and our tour through with you in Tuscany was just one of the best. The tour was designed to give us plenty of information and a good orientation but we also had free time which we like. We were appreciative of your having dinner with the group and learning more about your company – nice of you to drive the distance to do that. The tour lived up to all of the positive comments we read on your website. We can’t wait to do it again!

I have been busy telling my family and friends what a wonderful tour I had in May with Amber Road Tours. It truly was a privilege to travel on the Veneto trip. Laura was so caring from the first moment I checked in at the Due Torri. Her knowledge, attention to detail and people skills are a real asset to Amber Road. The itinerary was expertly chosen. I knew I would enjoy the accommodations and meals but I never anticipated that they would be as wonderful as they were. Each of our guides was superb and contributed enormously to my overall appreciation of this lovely area of Italy. And my traveling companions were an extra special treat from the first meeting. The “frosting on the cake” was visiting with both of you. My thanks for a truly remarkable experience.

May I applaud you both for arranging such an outstanding itinerary and accommodation with a small group. The trip was indeed a taste of Tuscany and left me wanting to experience more. Anna is such a warm and special lady – she made this tour work and the group was really great. It all came together beautifully. And the fact you both came out to meet and to have dinner with us added to that personal touch so lacking with other organizations. You answered every possible query I had, and made this trip for me easy.  I have wonderful memories to cherish.

Garry and I would like to say how much we enjoyed being in Tuscany and touring with Anna.  We found her very easy to get on with and she was very professional while giving us a great time.    We have today spoken with our travel agent, Cathy from Harvey World Travel at Strathpine, and told her what a great tour it was and how friendly Anna, Carmelo, Sonya and you were. Thank you again for helping to make our holiday one to remember.

Just finished the Tuscany/Liguria tour and wanted to let you know that at the completion of my second tour with Amber Roads, I am as delighted with the tour as I was with the first tour. This was  in no small  part due to the great job done by the tour manager Mario who was such fun and made the tour go so smoothly –  very caring, full of energy and always helpful with his advice.  The places we visited – off the beaten track provided experiences I will remember always.  The hotels and restaurants were of high quality and the guides in the different places were very informative.  Many thanks also to Ubaldo for his great driving and very cheerful disposition.

The itinerary was superb, exposing us to many cities and towns with incredible scenery and artistic treasures. The local guides were excellent and provided a wealth of information. All of the hotels were picturesque and welcoming to guests. We appreciated the delicious planned restaurant meals and the varied menus. Both our tour manager and bus driver were very pleasant and competent. Our congenial, fellow tour members contributed greatly to fantastic memories. Thank you for enabling us to be captivated by Tuscany and Umbria. We hope to experience another Amber Road Tour in the future. It was a pleasure to meet you for dinner in Spoleto.

We enjoyed our may tour very much and would travel with your company again. Anna is a great guide with attention to detail. The food was good, the pace was good and we enjoyed the accommodation in the centre of towns.  Lovely to be able to wander around on one’s own close to the hotel. Coming in to Naples early is a good idea.  Having had the opportunity to go to the Archeological Museum enhanced our visit to Pompeii and we would recommend that to people.

It was lovely to meet you both on our arrival at Villa Franceschi and to have you accompany us to Venice after our wonderful tour of the Veneto/Alto Adige area with our charming guide, Laura.  You must be very proud of your company, Amber Road Tours, which certainly elicits rave reviews from those who have been on your tours over the years, and those, who like several in our group, had already been on your tours to other regions of Italy.
As this was our first tour (but not the last, I hope!), we can only add to others comments by saying how much Doug and I both enjoyed ourselves. Laura was a delightful young woman, who obviously loves the area in which she lives; she was knowledgeable and informative and gave us insights into an area of which we knew little. The local guides, Michelangelo, Daniel, Wilma and Caterina were also excellent and our driver, Claudio, was both friendly and courteous and a careful driver.
The hotels in Verona, Asolo and Mira were wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for more lovely places to stay. The dinners at each hotel were excellent and the luncheon on Torcello was a delight, as was the visit to and luncheon at the winery in Valdobbiadene. Our thanks to Laura especially for her quiet competency in managing our tour so well. We have recommended this particular tour to friends who may not have been to the Veneto/Alto Adige area and who want to find hidden treasures with an excellent small group tour company.

As an inveterate traveler, I’ve visited Italy many times over the years, mostly solo. Looking back on those trips I now realize they were the antipasto. In 2011 we had the pleasure of exploring Tuscany and Umbria with Amber Road Tours. Afterwards I described it as “the trip of a lifetime”, but now I see that it for what it really was:  il primo. Our recent tour of Sicily was il secondo.
Words can’t express our pleasure, but to stretch my epicurean metaphor to the breaking point, imagine the tour as comfort food plus a feast for the senses. Accommodations were charming yet offered all modern conveniences. The ancient sites were spectacular. Everything was obviously planned meticulously. Even the weather was perfetto. Best of all was the human factor. Our driver Alessandro negotiated hairpin turns and swarming motorcycles with dexterity and confidence. And our tour director, the incomparable Mariaelena, enchanted us with her knowledge, warmth and sense of humor. In only 12 days, she turned 18 strangers into an adoring fan club.
What about next year? Would we care for il dolce? How could we refuse?

Just finished the Tuscany/Liguria tour and wanted to let you know that at the completion of my second tour with Amber Roads, I am as delighted with the tour as I was with the first tour. This was in no small  part due to the great job done by the tour manager Mario who was such fun and made the tour go so smoothly – very caring, full of energy and always helpful with his advice. The places we visited – off the beaten track provided experiences I will remember always. The hotels and restaurants where of high quality and the guides in the different places were very informative. Also many thanks to Ubaldo for his great driving and very cheerful disposition.

Amber Road Tours has done it again. Two years ago we took the Sicily tour and enjoyed it so much that we signed up again this spring for two consecutive tours – first Tuscany/Umbria, then Amalfi/Puglia. Both tours were up to the previous standard and included repeat customers. The tours are meticulously planned –lovely, historic small hotels, samples of delicious local food and wine, routes that reveal surrounding countryside, and interesting daily excursions that still leave free time. Our tours were expertly conducted by tour manager Luca, knowledgeable, organized, energetic, funny, and exuberant as only Italians can be. Luca kept us laughing and entertained while also providing background information on each place we visited and excellent tips for eating and exploring on our free time. We observed very different aspects of Italy on the two tours, each region having its own unique history, art, culture and geography. Compatible traveling companions, expert tour managers and local guides, beautiful landscape and towns, great itinerary – they all add up to an unforgettable experience.

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed a flawless Amalfi Coast – Puglia tour in May. The itinerary was excellent, our drivers were extremely competent, and the accommodations were lovely. Our local tour guides were knowledgeable and informative, and every day was different and an adventure. The group was very congenial and easy to travel with, and our tour guide Anna Sagaria was superb. Anna is a gem whose knowledge and sense of humor are only surpassed by her warmth and charm. We felt very fortunate to have Anna as our fearless leader! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip; we could not have done it on our own.

This was, as you know, our third Amber Road tour and it very much kept up to your high standards of running a small group tour. Mariaelena’s warmth, charm, understanding and organisational skills cannot be surpassed  –  and with her smile and efficiency she kept the tour running on oiled wheels.   Sicily was beautiful and very interesting  –  and the weather was on our side. The accommodation was 1st Class and the local guides were all very good. We were also very lucky with our tour companions as we all got on so very well together.

Julie and I loved our tour of Tuscany, it couldn’t have been better. Anna was so warm and gentle, the scenery was magnificent and the medieval towns unbelievably wonderful.

I just wanted to thank you both for organizing such a fantastic tour of Tuscany. Anna was such an excellent tour guide and we enjoyed every minute of her company. MD and I had such an amazing time and we can’t wait to come back to Italy and go on another Amber tour.

Our vacation in Tuscany was the thrill of a lifetime! We felt that everything was perfecto! We especially enjoyed Anna. She exuded a warmth and love of Italy that was contagious to us all. She explained so much of the history and we found it immensely fascinating. We loved the group of people that we were traveling with. We all got along famously. We enjoyed all the towns and cities that we visited too. The hotels we stayed in were very nice. We really loved the one in Pienza. I am hoping that I will be able to do another tour in the near future. It was nice to be able to meet you and Sonia also. Thanks for arranging such a great tour!

I enjoyed every moment of the tour and didn’t want it to end. My heart and my thoughts are still on the tour. You couldn’t want for anything else. Laura was wonderful—-kind, caring informative, giving and there, at any given moment. She is a true gem! Food and accommodations were superb and I now consider myself “spoiled.” Thank you for arranging such a beautiful tour. It’s like family! Hope you enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Thanks for pulling me out of the boat. Without your help, I’m sure I’d have landed in the Grand Canal. Thanks again for making this a memorable event in my life. I look forward to my next tour with you.

The Veneto Alto Adige tour was our third tour with Amber Road and exposed us to an aspect of Italy that was completely different from Tuscany and Amalfi. We loved seeing the majestic mountains of the north and the exposure to the Austrian cultural influence. As always, the accommodations and food were top notch and Amber Road attended to our every need. It was a completely relaxing and enjoyable holiday.
Next stop: Sicily!

We have had time to reflect on our Veneto/Alto Adige trip and want to say how much we enjoyed the tour. We found Laura to be most efficient and competent in her role as tour director and quite a delightful person herself. She managed to keep the diverse group happily travelling whilst being in charge the whole time. Congratulations to all on a very fine tour.

I just want to thank Jonathan, Sonya and Laura and our driver Claudio for a wonderful 12-day experience on the Veneto Alto Adige tour. It was, by far, the best vacation that I’ve been on in a long time. Everything was first-class — from the accommodations, to the food, to the wonderful guided tours. It was an educational experience as well as a recreational one. Laura, our tour manager, did a great job of getting us to and from destination to destination, all along the way informing us of the history of the region we were traveling through. The city tour guides, who led us on walks around the various cities we visited, were knowledgeable and provided great insight into the towns and the people who live there. It was a great experience. I’m looking forward to taking another Amber Road Tours package in 2013.

We would like to commend Anna for making our tour so enjoyable and memorable. Her knowledge of the areas visited was exceptional and she often knew more than most of the tour guides in each town. Her people skills made this tour seem so easy. The size of the group was perfect and the hotels were all exceptional. To arrive in Ravello was a great way to start the tour as everything about the hotel and place was stunning. We would definitely recommend Amber Road Tours to anyone wanting a grand way to tour Italy. Thanks for your great organisational skills.

We both agree this is THE BEST trip we’ve ever taken. Every aspect of the tour was well planned and perfectly executed. Our tour manager, Luca, was extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and very funny. Also, our driver, Tiziano, was very competent and fun to be with. The group size (15) and dynamics were perfect and I don’t know when we’ve laughed as much as we did during those 13 days. The small towns and countryside were absolutely beautiful. Local guides were arranged for many of the towns, the art and olive museums, the winery, and etc. They were all very knowledgeable and entertaining. The hotels were all unique with excellent accommodations and breakfast buffets. The planned meals were superb and did a great job of introducing us to the local fare. In short, we’ll be back for another one of these incredible tours!! Thank you, Luca, Tiziano, and Jonathan!