Just received this notice and I was more than delighted to get this news. We were hoping you would come back since there is no other tour company I would rather vacation with. We are happy to hear that Luca is partnering with you since he was our guide on the Amalfi tour. Once we make a decision when we will travel, I will be in touch. Many Blessings to you all!

Claudette and I are so glad to see Amber Tours being renewed. We wish all of you the very best wishes and success.

This is such wonderful news that you are operating again! We have only done one Amber Road tour (Tuscany and Umbria with Luca) but we regard it as our best trip ever and can’t wait to plan for some more. Glad to see Luca taking charge of things.

Just wanted to say how happy we are to hear that you are reopening.  You have always been our favorite company to travel with and we can\’t wait to book again. When you closed we felt like we had lost  many dear friends. Thank you for making me smile again😄

Wonderful news!!!  Dare I hope the world is coming alive once again?  I laughed when I read your question: “Please verify you are a human.”  There were times these pass 16 months when I would have had serious doubts about how to answer that question.  But slowly and surely we’ve emerged from the dark hole and entered into the sunlight.  And the return of Amber Road Tours has certainly done its part in lifting my spirits.  So thank you!  And here’s to the future and wherever travel takes us.

We are so happy to hear that you got your “second wind” and are back in business for 2022. We are also glad to hear that Luca now has a larger role in Amber Road. He was our Tour Manager on our very first Amber Road tour….to Tuscany and Umbria. He was a wonderful guide, and we have no doubt that he will be an equally good manager and partner for the company down the road.

I am thrilled for you all that you are back in business!!

Such good news!!!   We will be booking…

Dear Amber Tours:  Thank you for your latest piece of great news!!  We are all starting to breathe and know that our lives have been affected but not done in!  Looking forward to more good trips with all of you. You made my day!

We are thrilled you are returning! Thank you!

This was one of the best emails for a log time! So very glad AMBER tours is back – I hope to join you again as soon as we in the UK are allowed to travel once more

This is wonderful news. Been singing your praises to all  my friends and will  let them know.

Good morning Jonathan, Sonya, and the team, This is truly a red-letter day!  We had always hoped that Amber Road Tours would return. We know Luca from our first trip with you and think he is a wonderful choice to take the lead. Please congratulate him on our behalf. We are patiently waiting for our second dose of vaccine and we are now slowly emerging from a serious lockdown as our numbers are declining. Your news is a breath of fresh air to us and as your Australian customer said so well, we were hoping that Amber Roads would ride again. The decision to have a smaller group greatly appeals to us. Wishing you all the very best,

Yaaaay! Best news I have had for a long time. Thankyou for your optimism and determination. I look forward to more of your tours when they get going again.

It is wonderful news that Amber Road may soon resume its uniquely rewarding and brilliantly organized tours!  Locked in during covid, I often cheered myself up with memories of fascinating travels with Amber\’s superb guides, but I felt saddened as I feared that the disruptions of the pandemic might mean that Amber Road would shut down permanently.  I am sure that many others who share my fond memories of the European adventures that I enjoyed under your auspices will be cheering at the reassurance that you will soon be reopening for business.  All best wishes for your post-covid success!

I woke up this morning to your email that Amber Road Tours will be back in 2022!  I am so excited for us as clients and tour participants, and am personally thrilled for you as business owners.  You have built a phenomenal brand which has taken years of dedication, time, conversation, listening and respecting your vision and your clients expectations for our experiences when travelling. This is evidenced in the amazing feedback you receive after every tour! I appreciate all that you do and am so excited to have a light to work towards in planning my next trip to Europe. Hopefully I will see you in Italy in 2023.

I had already determined ( even before COVID ) that my next trip would be in 2022 . I brought up the Amber Roads to look for a 2022 trip and saw no trips at all . I was clueless for a short while (happens more as I get older) but then I took a look at travelers’ reviews and figured it out. I have traveled with several different companies in the past and to say you are the best is a VAST understatement …….not just blowin smoke here ……. I really mean it .

Meeting you and Sonya was a blow-away moment for me . You gave me a feeling that I was not just a client but also a part of family. The locations …….WOW . I was able to see an Italy I never knew was there and made me so much want to return . If this keeps up I will have so many places to return to that I might as well live there…..hmm… I was also able to see places already visited with new eyes and received a new appreciation for “Il bel Paese”. As to gastronomical issues ……. you were off the scale with the BUON APPETITO ! With the other companies I might have eaten WELL once or twice per tour but with Amber it was once or twice every day ( I was sure my primary care MD would have been questioning my dining choices but Tiziana walked it off me so the doc would have been ok with it ) .

As to where I would like to visit next year ……. I would like to keep it in Italy ( I wouldn’t mind venturing
into Switzerland ……. but only in Ticino ! ) . I would like to visit the areas that the big box companies
(won’t mention any names) do not. I liked very much when we went to Gubbio and Spoleto (Don Matteo….Yea!, Pistoia, and Pienza . I haven’t visited the coastal areas much so I wouldn’t mind seeing Le Marche or Puglia . Sicilia wouldn’t be bad either.  I hate being clicheish ,but there is probably no area in Italy I would NOT like to visit !


It was great hearing from you!  Looking forward to your June notifications.

I just wanted you to know how sad I was when I heard you were closing.  We took 3 wonderfully memorable trips with AR that we will always cherish.  I would put you on an equal footing with Tauck, whom we’ve traveled with several times.  I actually enjoyed AR more.  Better pricing and smaller groups.  If you should ever get back in business or begin to operate under someone else’s umbrella, please let us know.  There are still some places in Italy and France that we are interested in seeing.  All the best to you both.

Dear Jonathan and Team,
The refund of my deposit for my two September 2020 Amber Road Tours arrived in to my bank account here today.
This note is to acknowledge its safe receipt with sincere appreciation.
That you have been able to achieve this act of faith fills me with awe and admiration as the world now has some idea what you have been living through.
Several months ago I bought Frances Mayes’ ‘See You in the Piazza’. Even though it contains a lot that is superfluous, I was really enjoying the feeling of doing my homework and getting prepared.
I’m getting close to the chapter on Puglia which was to be at the top of my list for 2021 with you.
I tell you this Jonathan to reassure you that, when we are all virus free and able to think clearly and positively, there will be many, many of us who love and cherish the holidays that we have enjoyed with Amber Road who will be anxious to resume where we were “so rudely interrupted”.
Perhaps you will feel differently when the sun arrives, the temperature is warmer and you’ve cleared your paperwork? I, for one, live in hope! In the meantime, stay safe and well.

I am sending this email to thank you for the concept of Amber Road Tours and to say how much my wife and I have enjoyed making the six Tours that we have been able to complete. I also have an enormous respect for the way that you have handled the closure of Amber Road Tours. I am quite certain that you have chosen the most honourable option that was open to you – in respect of the way that you have treated your clients. We appreciate very much having our balance payments refunded. The suggestion that deposits were donated to your employees and/or Tour Managers was an inspired idea and I do hope that it was taken up by many Amber Road travellers. We do hope that, like the mythical phoenix, Amber Road Tours will emerge again – once the Coronavirus pandemic has run its course. If that is under the guardianship of Lisa so much the better. Hopefully you and Sonya will still be able to offer kind words of encouragement and assistance if required.

Jonathan and Sonya,

Reading your message has been heartbreaking. We have taken so many wonderful tours with you guys that it’s hard to imagine there will be no more. You became part of our annual planning as we were always looking forward to the next tour. Also, thanks to you, we developed new friends that became our travel partners. We would like our deposits for the Bosnia/Croatia tour given to Lisa, Lina, Sean and Mariaelena. Again, this is such sad news. We wish all the best for all the Amber Road family. Please keep in touch with any news about everyone’s future plans. You will all be missed.

Dear Jonathan and Sonya, it is with great sadness that we read of your travel company’s imminent closure, but with the current Coronavirus epidemic we can understand that you have no choice.  Your tours were simply the best and we have many fond and happy memories of the tours we took with you. South Africa has so far had relatively few cases of the Coronavirus but we are expecting many more as travellers return from Europe and , in particular, Italy. Our government has put stringent measures in place to help prevent the spread of the virus, and anyone returning from Europe has been thoroughly tested upon return to the country. Please take care, both of you. Our thoughts are with you.

I am truly devastated by the sad news that Amber Roads is closing its doors as it’s the best small group tour company I’ve experienced in my travels thus far.  This decision was not an easy one I’m sure, and I hope this corona virus is short lived and that Amber Roads has the ability to resurrect itself in 2021/2022 as this would be a true loss for the tourism industry without Amber Roads.

This just makes me so sad — you are one of the best of the best tour companies. My heart goes out to all those employees who will now have no work.  I wish you all the best, and I hope when this crisis is over, you will be able to re-open.

So very sorry to hear. My clients thought your tours were top notch. I loved working with the ladies in SC.   Best of luck to you all.  Hopefully your company will return and I will be happy to support it.