I was so sad to get the news today that not only the tour to Italy was cancelled but more importantly, Amber Road will be no more. You have provided a wonderful service to so many travelers and you will be most painfully missed. Please contribute part of my deposit to Lisa in thanks for her help and patience over the years.  I hope that the world will soon recover from this terrible circumstance and that Amber Road will continue in some form in the future.

Hi Lisa. We hope that you will be part of the new Amber Road Tours in the future. I’ll not make any further comment regarding the stressful lives we are going through. Tiziana – thanks for your charm and lovely personality. Your artist partner is so fortunate. To Sean we will catch up with in the future – he would have been and again hopefully will be again a wonderful addition to Amber Road Travel in Spain. Thank you Jonathan & Sonya for your guidance in our travel experiences and your dedication/focus on your business. Stay healthy and happy through what is very challenging times.

It was with much sadness that we read the email you sent about Amber in 2020.  You are in our thoughts. We have a refund from which we would like to donate to Marialena Ciacci and to Andrej Vatovec. We are at home self isolating as those over 70 and with medical issues are advised to do.  May this awful virus soon be controlled and until then we wish you and Sonya good health.

Dear Friends at Amber Road, Although I have never traveled with you, I have tremendously enjoyed receiving your beautiful news reports and from time to time your lovely brochures.  I am stunned by your news and want to tell you that I am so sorry that such a super company is leaving us. I wish there was something concrete that an old bat of 86 could do to help but I’m afraid that all I can do is wish everyone well and pray that all will be able to find well-paying employment, both your own staff and all the guides and tour directors and you personally. Thank you for all the wonderful dreams you set dancing in my head with your enchanting-sounding tours.  I hope that all of you and il bel paese survive, revive and thrive in the not-too-distant future.   My best wishes and love to you all, and warmest thanks. In bocca al lupo.

I am so saddened to learn of your current challenges. I would like my payment to be directed to Tiziana who will be forever close to our hearts. She was a delight to be with on our tour of the hill towns!  Never to be forgotten! Jonathan and Sonya, you created a wonderful, authentic travel experience for so many fortunate travelers. Our very sincere best wishes to you both. Hoping our paths will some day cross again.

Very sad to hear your news. We have had 5 great trips with you. Excellent service from Lisa  & others. We will miss going to Portugal with you later this year. Truly hope that things improve & you get on your feet again.

 I am so sorry about the closing of Amber Road Tours.  The two trips I had (Sicily in 2014 and Andalusia in 2016) were among the best experiences of my life.  I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to take another.  The guides and office support were wonderful. As a thank you, I have submitted a gift to be distributed to Saverio, Sean, Lisa and Lina.

We are  so sad to  read this  news. Thank you  Amber Road for 5 wonderful  tours. You set a benchmark  for our group  travel  experiences that has not been  matched  in any way by 2 other  companies we have used to  travel in countries where you  did not offer tours. We wish you and your  staff  the very best  in the difficult  times  ahead. Please let Lisa know  that  she should keep our contact  details  as we would love to be able to support  any future  ‘Amber like ‘ tours. Stay well and and again  thanks for the  great holiday  experiences.

My partner and I are moved and saddened by this email. Although we have only travelled once with ART (Andalucia with Sean in 2016) it was a wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling experience, as we said in our testimonial and we were seriously considering Central Spain for next year. We truly hope you will survive this distressing situation and be able to resurrect your business before too long.
With every good wish,

We are very sorry to hear that Amber Road is closing. While we hadn’t yet experienced one of your tours, we’d heard very favourable things about them and we were very keen to see Sicily with you. We have also been impressed with the service we have received and the prompt response to emails. We would be happy to donate a gift. We don’t know anyone in your group so we leave it up to you to decide who it should go to. Hope to see Amber Road back on its feet in a year or two.

I am very very sorry that you have to close due to the coronavirus crisis.  I went on your Sicily tour with Aldo and your Andalucia tour with Sean.  The tours were unique in so many ways.  Very special. I have just sent a contribution and hope that it will help in a small way.

Hello, we are so sad that you are closing as we thoroughly enjoyed your trip to southern Italy last May. We started in Naples and ended in Brindisi. Our guides name was Laura and I am not sure which Laura on your list of guides she was. Do you have a photo of the guides as we would like to send a gift to her and want to choose the right person?

Please provide this amount for the tour managers and Charleston staff from our Portugal tour refund. We are extremely sorry that you have to face this unfortunate situation.  We have very much enjoyed spending time with you and are hopeful that we can do so again in the future.

Even though I’ve never met you, my heart dropped  this morning as I read your email announcing your closing. With everything that is happening around the globe, it is daunting to say the least. I just want you both and Lisa to know that we, your customers, care about Amber Roads and appreciate all you have done to make our travel experiences the memories of a lifetime. I will keep each of you and you employees in my prayers as you make this difficult transition. I and my fellow travelers will be customer #1 should Lisa and other managers reopen Amber Roads down the road! I will make a contribution too in the hopes of keeping the flame burning for small group travel with Amber Road. We can’t lose the uniqueness of what you provide! Stay well, chin up and feel the love and gratitude coming from all of us!

This is a terrible time.    We realize how difficult it is and how difficult it will continue to be for every person involved in this battle to exist with this virus all around us.   We would like to leave a gift for Tiziana.  I am sorry about your having to close the business down.  A sad decision.  God Bless. Stay safe and strong!

Amber I’m really sorry you’re closing  but of course it’s understandable with the current circumstances. I would like to donate to Federica Wagner, a small token of my appreciation

I am sorry to hear that you will soon be out of work. Please accept this gift as a thank you for the help you have given us on each of out wonderful vacations. Each I  time spoke to you, I felt like I was speaking to a family member. My prayer for you is that God will supply all your needs as you go through this time of your life.

We are so sorry that your company is closing due to the Coronavirus issues. We enjoyed our trip in 2018 with Tiziana and were looking forward to our trip to Umbria in September. Our planning and phone interactions with Lisa were always helpful and pleasant. The closing of your company is truly a loss to all. My wife and I would like to make donations that can be deducted from our deposit: to Tiziana and Lisa. We hope you will be able to revive the company again when the emergency passes and we can travel again.

Dismayed to hear the sad news – it must be devastating for you and your co-workers. The important thing is for you to stay HEALTHY. This too shall pass. Good luck in your future endeavours.

We just submitted a support contribution for Saverio Renda via your payment site. We traveled thru Sicily during the month of October 2017 with Saveiro and would like to help him and his family thru these difficult times..

This is the saddest news I have received and my heart hurts for you and your staff. We loved traveling with you and had planned more in the future. Your team has been like family to us.

My husband and I took our first Amber Road Tour in 2016 to Lucca, Genova, and Cinque Terre with Tiziana. It was magical! That led to our next tour with Federica to Milan and Lombardia, and we had hoped to take many more of your tours in the future. We can’t say enough about how special these experiences were and how competent and caring Tiziana and Federica were. We are saddened to hear that you must close such a wonderful operation. We appreciate your supplying a way for us to help in some small way. We wish all the best to you, your family, and your Amber Road family.

We are so sorry to hear of the loss of lives and business in Italy, and in particular, Amber Road Tours. We hope you will be able to offer tours again in the future, so please keep us posted!

In particular, we are grateful for Lisa’s efforts and want her to know that we would like to work with her again if and when she lands back in the travel tour business. We will miss Amber Road.

We are so sorry for everything you have undergone recently and hope the very best possible outcome for you, your employees, and your company.  Please let us know when you are up and running again in any country. We have heard so many good things about you, and we want to enjoy a tour with you.