Jenny and I recently participated in your Northern Italy Tour in the care of Laura Serafin. This was our third tour with Amber Road and we sadly understand this may be our last as you have decided to retire.  The tour content certainly met our expectations and proved to be unique experience.

May we particularly commend Laura’s work in making our tour an enjoyable adventure. Laura was knowledgeable, attentive, engaging and a master of the myriad of administrative detail. Jenny and I wish you an enjoyable retirement.

The Venice, Veneto, Alto Adige tour exceeded my expectations, just as my 3 previous tours with Amber Road did. Venice, of course, is totally unique in so many ways. The historical wealth of Venice in its heyday is still visible today, manifested in the art and architecture along the Grand Canal, the Doge’s Palace and Basilica. The grandeur does not end in Venice. We toured several of Palladio’s fabulous Venetian Villas in the countryside around Vicenza. In Padova, we toured the Scrovegni Chapel, which houses captivating and absolutely beautiful frescoes (a feast for the eyes and soul). The Dolomites were a magnificent site to behold; stopped to walk along a scenic mountain trail. Other towns that we visited were Asolo, Follina, Belluno, Bolzano and Verona – each with their own special treasures. Loved the food, some of which was Austrian inspired. This area is home to Prosecco, and we had our fill with 2 wine tastings. Laura, our tour manger is exceptionally knowledgeable, charming and entertaining – she taught us 2 Italian songs. All in all, this was a fabulous excursion.

We want to express our gratitude and thanks for our recent tour with Laura. This was our third journey with Amber Road, so our expectations were high – Laura just surpassed all of our hopes. Bright, involved, and so, so supportive of our diverse group of travelers. We learned so much from her and the local guides were also great. We especially enjoyed the “Iceman” experience in Bolzano, Verona, the Palladian Villas, the long visit to the Giotto frescoes, and we learned so much about architecture, art, culture and wine with the other local guides. Venice now sort of makes sense for us, and the smaller cities were packed with fascinating history. As we expected, the accommodations, transportation and dining were wonderful as well. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!

We were so pleased with this tour. Laura was amazing, so knowledgeable and caring. All of the local guides were excellent. The itinerary was thoughtful – I loved the double booking to have time in the Scrovegni Chapel. There were many delightful surprises like the cicchetti lunch on Torcello and that wonderful journey up to the high plain in the Dolomites above Bolzano. Even the small stops along the way were well-planned and charming. We enjoyed our time in Moena and Belluno. The included dinner in Follina was just fantastic, as was Al Pompiere in Verona. Thank you for a wonderful trip!

A problem-free tour from start to finish, with care and attention to every minute detail throughout. Laura, our guide, was so kind, calm and professional in her approach; always leading the way when needed and there in the background when not- the perfect approach. My special dietary needs were catered for at every point of the tour which was a great weight off my mind. The tour itself was a magnificent balance of culture, history, archaeology, geology and spectacular scenery, experienced by way of coach, train, cable car and boat. Apart from Venice I found the places visited to be off the major tourist trails and for that all the more enjoyable. Wherever we went we were met with warmth and kindness and seemingly a much slower pace of life than I’ve experienced in other parts of Italy. I thoroughly recommend this tour as being the perfect way to see a lesser known part of this fabulous country.

The tour exceeded our expectations in every way, and we would like to pay a special thanks & complement to Laura who was remarkable in making our tour so special.  We can’t say enough about her local knowledge, warm friendly manner & engagement with everyone, her organisation, professional attitude-where nothing was too much trouble, and of course her commendable patience with a couple of oldies.  It was an absolute pleasure meeting her and spending time together, as you would with a good friend.

This was our fourth Amber Road Tour and it was bellissimo. Starting with our excellent and knowledgeable guide Laura along with our competent driver Claudio, this was a trip that was sure perfection. All of the hotels were luxurious and centrally located. The pace of the tour was very good and the Veneto Region along with Alto Adige was very diverse. Starting with beautiful Venice and going all the way north to Bolzano in the Dolomite Mountains made this trip truly unique and memorable. Lake Garda was also very beautiful. Thank you Amber Road for another great itinerary and many beautiful memories.

We have traveled to many countries, privately and with various tour companies, and found this tour to be very well organized and led by an exceptional guide. Laura was very professional, personable, calm, attentive to the needs of individuals and the group, and extremely knowledgeable about the sites and cities we visited. Laura’s guidance made this a very enjoyable and informative tour of northern Italy, certainly one of the finest guides we have ever had. I must also add that Claudio, the driver, was very professional and skilled in making this a very safe trip.

This was our second tour with Amber Road, and it didn’t disappoint! Our Tour Manager, Laura, was all that a leader of 18 diverse people should be….extremely knowledable of the area and its history, always enjoyable to be with, and most importantly, unflappable. The hotels were all beautiful and unique, the included dinners were very good, and the cities and towns chosen for this tour couldn’t have been better or more interesting. We adored the bustling city of Verona, filled day and night with people of all ages, and the slightly slower paced town of Bolzano nestled under the Dolomite Mountains and home to the incredible archeaological discovery, the 5300 year old Ice Man, Otzi. We also appreciated the fact that we stayed in each hotel for more than a day or two (a lot less packing and unpacking), and that there was free time built in to pursue our own interests, and to choose our own restaurants.

Finally, a special thank you to Amber Road Tours for always finding the less beaten path and for always going above and beyond for us, the travelers.

The tour was excellent. Laura was a wonderful guide. The hotels were great, especially and first in Venice and the last in Follina (I found the hotel, its service and its decor to be top-notch). The first and last group meals, and the one in Verona, were excellent. With the exception of the local guide for the Bolzano walking tour who was a substitute due to scheduled guide’s illness, the local guides were excellent, especially the one in Padova. There was a lot of walking and stairs, which was fine for me.

Wonderful tour and tour leader. Laura took care of every detail. She even prepared maps for us every day. The local guides were also way above average. Particularly outstanding was Vilma, our guide in both Vicenza and Padova. Her excitement and brilliance about Giotto’s work in the Scrovegni Chapel made our visit there one of the highlights of the trip for me. Another one was the fantastic time we had walking in the Italian alps. The varied nature of the itinerary is one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable.

We enjoyed the tour. The itinerary was interesting. Laura was a wonderful guide!

This was our second Amber Road tour and we were not disappointed. The tour was meticulously planned and group size ideal. Our guide, Laura, was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, well organised and fun. She kept us moving along and no one seemed to be late. We arrived at our appointed tours at the right time and spent little time waiting. At many of the places the queues were very long but we went straight in. Most of the tour is to less touristy places and the group’s favourite seemed to be Bolzano; a place off the tourist route but with lots of things to see and experience. The hotels were of high standard and interesting rather than standard international chain hotels; as were the included meals. We would thoroughly recommend the tour and are thinking of where we would like to go next with Amber Road.

Excellent tour with all details and conveniences well executed. The tour guide was informed, caring and charming. Itinerary was varied and comprehensive. As an art major, I wanted to see the very important Renaissance art works of the area and was pleased that Amber Roads had identified and included them. By the end of this tour I felt I really knew this region, that all highlights had been covered. The tour ended with a stay in a villa after learning about and touring the Renaissance great ones there…a nice touch. The last day was spectacular, touring the Venetian lagoon all afternoon by boat. Thank you.

Amber Road is the second tour company we have used in Italy, and it was the best. Great Hotels, excellent itinerary, helpful local guides. Laura, our tour leader was excellent. Provided meals were top-quality, and very accommodating to our non-meat eating die. All in all, one of our best vacations ever.

Having just had an extremely rewarding trip to the Veneto/Alto Adige region, I am in awe of how expertly Amber Road Tours designs and manages culture-oriented trips. I am a confirmed culture vulture, and the offerings on our trip were impressive, capturing the most significant attractions and augmenting our appreciation by having very intelligent and well informed guides take us around. (Would I have caught the significance of the details in the Pisanello high up on the wall in Sant’Anastasia in Verona without the services of our guide? Probably not. And there were so many other occasions when our guided commentaries enhanced the experience.) Laura, our cheerful, smart, and knowledgeable main guide, was a joy to travel with, generously sharing her own love for this exceptionally beautiful part of Italy. Fine hotels, delicious meals, comfortable transportation, and good pacing all added to the pleasures of this itinerary. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is eager to explore a so far UNtouristy part of Italy that offers an unusually rich tapestry of art and history and also advise them that if they appreciate prosecco, which is regularly on offer in this region, they will find the adventure especially heavenly. (A prosecco tasting was included — a nice touch!)

This was an amazing tour, our first with Amber Road. There was an excellent balance of art, history, culture, nature and free time. Laura, our guide was wonderful, organized, and caring. We appreciated the information she gave us about each place we visited and the region in general, the maps she provided, and her warm personality. All our local day guides were also personable and well informed., especially Vilma whose passion for art and history was exceptional. Each hotel was lovely in a unique way. I enjoyed all of the places we went but fell in love with Verona and Asolo. The last day in Venice was a perfect finish to the trip. As an artist the trip was a true feast for the eyes and soul, for me the highlights were the frescoes by Tiepolo, and Il Veronese and most of all the Scrovegni Chapel with the frescoes by Giotto. And the architecture of Palladio was very impressive. I could go on and on. There was a good balance of group time and time to explore on our own, some very good food and wine (Valpolicella!) and gorgeous scenery. We saw places we would not have seen on our own or with a larger group. Laura and our bus driver, Claudio, made getting around well organized and easy. Thank you!

We were very happy with the quality of the Veneto/AA tour. Laura was fantastic….one of the few tour leaders I will always remember (there are not many that I can say that about). It is because of her that we will be signing up for the Tuscany/Umbria tour – our sixth trip to Italy and third with ART.

We can only confirm all the rave reviews previously posted here. There are no exaggerations in what the previous reviewers said about how well the tour is planned and executed and about the excellence of the guide, Laura Serafin. Amber Road appears to be an exceptional tour company. We would not hesitate to travel with them again.

This is our third trip with Amber Road Tours and it more than met our expectations. Laura was a wonderful guide, knowledgeable and caring, and her enthusiasm about the Veneto region was certainly catching. We loved returning to Verona and Lago di Garda, and we were especially impressed with the beautiful landscapes of Bolzano and the Renon, and Asolo, all new to us. We would have happily spent another day in the Dolomites hiking on the trails and visiting small villages. The frescoes at the Scrovegni Chapel and the Roncolo Castle were incredible, and we loved seeing the palazzos and villas by Palladio. The hotels were all lovely, but the one in Asolo was a special gem, small and charming with amazing vistas. We also appreciate the mix of organized activities, with exceptional local guides, and time on our own to wander. All in all this was a delightful trip, reinforcing why we love Italy!

As a long time independent traveller, what I wanted from a tour was a small group visiting places outside the main tourist cities. The towns and attractions visited on this tour were exceptional and the hotels at Verona, Bolzano and Asolo were of a very high standard as was the Villa Franceschi at Mira, our base for visiting Venice. The included meals were delicious and provided the group with the opportunity to get to know each other better. Laura our Tour Manager who lives in Asolo, looked after us very well. Highlights for me included the Villas of Palladio and the towns of Vicenza and Treviso. The mountains seen from the ferry on Lake Garda were majestic. The opera Romeo and Juliet at the Verona Arena on a balmy night under a full moon was magical. I recommend Aperol spritz as an aperitif or a Valdobbiadene prosecco. My grandson will love the book I bought him on the 5000 year-old Otzi Iceman, a great exhibition!

Thank you Amber Road Tours for once again giving us a splendid vacation. This was our third tour with you, and we loved every minute. Never in my life did I think I would see the Opera Romeo and Juliet in Verona, in the open air Roman arena under a beautiful moon-lit night. It is a memory I will always cherish. Each town we stayed in was so unique, Verona, Bolzano, Asolo, I can’t pick a favorite, I loved them all. And then there was Venice. I had heard mixed reviews about Venice, so I was not sure what to expect. It is a fabulous city, and so much fun to explore. The diversification on this trip from the ferry boat ride on Lake Garda, hiking on the alto piano Renon, with a view of the Dolomites, delicious Proseco wine tasting, the Otzi museum, the Canova Museum made and so much more made every day so different and exciting. You certainly have done a great job with this tour. Our tour guide Laura was so much fun to travel with. She is so knowledgeable abut all of the places we visited, and she took care of us the entire trip always with a smile and an offer of assistance. She is a true asset to your company. Claudio, our bus driver did a great job keeping us safe. I will also mention that all of the hotels and Villas were exceptional. We have so many wonderful memories of this trip we can’t stop talking about it. We praise your company to every one we know, and we can’t wait to plan our next adventure with you.

This was my second tour with Amber Road, having been to Sicily last May. Would I love this tour as much as that one? Absolutely. This was a beautifully designed tour, lots to see each day, and yet plenty of free time to explore each city on your own. Our tour guide, Laura, was wonderful, knowedgeable, easy going and full of good advice. She is a gem. The group of people on the tour were varied, and yet everyone got along well. Just like an old bunch of friends. What did I like the best? It’s so hard to say. Loved Verona, Bolzano, and especially Asolo. The stops at Malcesine and Riva del Garda were delightful as was the boat ride on Lake Garda. Seeing the Dolomites was spectacular and I loved the kaiserschmarren we had for lunch. All of the hotels offered something different and unique as did each place we stopped. The additional tours and stops in Vicenza, Treviso, Padua and Bassano del Grappa were also enjoyable. Our day tour guides, Michelangelo, Vilma and Caterina were exceptionally well informed. I loved Vilma’s energy. And everywhere we went, the food was fabulous! To top if off, I discovered the “spritz!” A fabulous drink I am going to attempt to replicate at home. If you haven’t been on an Amber Road Tour yet, don’t hesitate. They do a wonderful job of organizing a tour you could never do on your own. I’m seriously thinking about another Amber Road Tour for 2015!! You can never see enough of Italy!!

Tour was beyond compare. Can’t figure out what i loved best, the wine, the art, beauty of the country or the people. Our group was like traveling with old friends, everyone interesting and interested in what we saw, did, which made it more fun. Exhausted in the best way, going thru my pictures to relive every day. Hotels and guides were fabulous, friendly and learned so much. Hate to say Italy is my favorite country but Italy IS my favorite country, is that politically incorrect? Hope to go again with Amber, never thought a tour was my thing but no better way to go. Thanks for a great time.

The tour was an outstanding experience for us. It was structured similarly in many ways to the previous Tuscany – Umbria tour that we had with Amber Road Tours in 2010. You are fortunate to have Laura as your tour leader for the Veneto – Alto Adige tour. She is very knowledgeable about this region, administratively efficient and nicely personable. Additionally, your selection of local guides were all very proficient. We noted the very high ratio of Amber Road Tours “return travelers” that were on our recent tour. This speaks well for the quality of your tours in providing an excellent insight into the “real Italian” experience that is offered. We wish you continued success in your expanded offering of tours in surrounding countries to Italy.