I enjoyed our journey through Bosnia and Croatia on many levels: from a rich historical perspective, the varying geography of the region, the diverse citizens of the countries, the knowledgeable local tour guides, the feasts, the well-appointed hotels, and the interesting and engaged fellow travelers. Amber Road Tours lives up to its claim of unique small group cultural journeys. Several things linger in my memory and in my heart: The tour of Sarajevo when our tour guide shared her personal experience of the Homeland War; and our visit to a local vintner where we enjoyed a feast prepared by his Wife, Mother, and Sister…hospitality at its finest. This is our third Amber Road Tour; hope there will be another!

I wanted to tell you that Andrej [tour manager] and all of the local tour guides were simply excellent.  We really enjoyed all of the hotels – the locations were in the best areas and the views were wonderful.  And the big bus really made traveling comfortable. The whole the trip was absolutely fabulous.


This was our 4th tour with Amber Roads, and it was as delightful as the others. From our arrival in Sarajevo, with background commentary on recent tragic events and the role it has played in European history, to the travels through Croatia, we were happy with the accommodations, travel arrangements and our knowledgeable guide Andrej. The personalized attention and tour details remain as reasons we continue to travel with Amber Roads. The small group experience adds to the travel enjoyment. This trip left us quite satisfied and will leave us with many travel memories.

This tour maintained Amber Road’s usual high standard. We had a good group (only 10), and our tour guide, Andrej, was knowledgeable and efficient. We enjoyed all our local guides, and our driver was also helpful and pleasant.  Overall, we felt the tour pace and itinerary were excellent, with a good balance of coach time; tour time & free time. The highlights for us included learning about Sarajevo (we wouldn’t have visited this area had it not been on the itinerary for this particular tour); and the beautiful Croatian coast.  The hotels were well-chosen and well-located, and we particularly enjoyed the smaller, more characterful ones. The meals were good, although nothing can compare with the food in Italy! Always very happy with the service we receive from Amber Road.

This was our first experience with a small group tour and it turned out to be a perfect fit for us. The ten other travelers, as well as our tour manager, Andrej, were fun and interesting. The tour was a perfect blend of historical information and site-seeing. There were activities every day, but also down time to fill with whatever activity suited each traveler. I especially loved the personal interaction with the Bosnian family and the two wine producing families. I feel like a better person for knowing more about the Homeland War suffered by these countries in our recent past. A highlight for us was the time at Plitvice Lakes – an incredible natural wonder. Everything was taken care of in the most professional way with no waiting in lines, and alternate plans were made when the weather didn’t cooperate. Thank you for a great adventure with little to no stress!

The Croatia-Bosnia tour re-affirmed our appreciation for the quality of Amber Road’s offerings. Our guide, Andrej, was professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, very helpful and always looking out for his charges. The various stops were all interesting, and the local guides superb. Accommodations were comfortable and convenient for the group tours as well as independent exploration. The meals were outstanding. We are especially impressed, and appreciative, of the self selection Amber Road promotes that results in diverse yet cohesive groups of people with similar interests, tastes and styles of touring. The Croatia Bosnia tour was a very good combination of challenging and thought provoking content with entertaining, beautiful and educational stops.

This was my first time traveling with a tour company and Amber Roads was definitely the right choice and I was also blessed to have the best group of tour buddies. Andrej is truly a professional at his job and made our days relaxing, informative and fun. I feel like I really got to experience the authentic Bosnia and Croatia. Excellent food, accommodations and the perfect pace. I would definitely choose Amber Roads again.  I had an extra early flight out of Pula and all was arranged for me. I was even provided a breakfast to take with me.  Thanks Lisa for answering questions and planning before and after travel arrangements. Andrej will be a hard act to follow.

Our tour of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia was memorable for several reasons. First, the experience in Sarajevo at the beginning of the tour was quite sobering and thought-provoking. Witnessing the evidence of the tragic Balkan War of 1992-1995 brought home to us the terrible reality that most of the world ignored for too long. But having dinner with the Bosnia family gives us hope for their future. Bosnia-Herzegovina is a beautiful country, with lovely people who all were welcoming to us. Second, the dramatic beauty of the Dalmatian coast is breathtaking. We were visiting Dubrovnik and Split for the second time, and enjoyed them more with this Amber Roads tour. Third, we enjoyed unique opportunities: going to the oyster/mussel farm on the Peljesac peninsula, walking part of the Great Wall of Croatia, having dinner at a small, family run vineyard, swimming in the Adriatic, sampling sparkling wines at another family owned and run vineyard, and touring the incredibly unusual Plitvicka Lakes which have to be seen to believe. Finally, all of the local guides were informative, and personable; Andre our ‘permanent’ tour guide was encyclopedic in his comprehensive knowledge of the history, politics, geography, agriculture, gastronomy, and viticulture of the Balkan region. This was our second Amber Roads tour which did not disappoint; we look forward to our next. Bravo!!

We would like to thanks 100 times for the joy and pleasure we had during our tour on Croatia. It was one of our best vacations. Well balanced tour, very thoughtful choice of hotels and excursions make it even more attractive. Andrej, our tour manager, and Boris, our driver, were outstanding. We are already planning our next vacations with Amber. It was exactly the way we want it


I just had to write to tell you how very much Len and I enjoyed this tour. First we had 19 of the most congenial people I’ve ever met. No one complained. Everyone was on time and most importantly we all laughed a lot sharing our life stories with each other. Andrej was amazing with his historical knowledge of everything about this region. Additionally the local guides were of the highest quality. All like actors on the stage. Thank you for our especially lovely room in Porec. Although our flight home was cancelled due to computer problems on the plane we managed to run into two of our fellow tour members the next day at the Munich airport. We hugged and kissed and kept occupied retelling our stories and memories of this beautiful tour. I recommend Amber Road to everyone I meet. You are the best.

Another well executed tour from Amber Road. Everything was almost perfect and we are already looking forward to our next trip with Amber. It will be a tough choice.


Going to Bosnia; hearing about the very sad history of the siege and having dinner at one of the Muslim’s family home made for a very interesting time there. Andrej, our guide was extremely knowledgeable and always helpful as were the local guides. Members of our group were all congenial and always on time for every event . The hotels and breakfasts were excellent and the wine (which poured freely) was delicious. (I’m now on the wagon.) Both of us enjoyed this tour very much.

This was a gently paced trip with a very knowledgeable guide – Andrej. It covered a nice mix of must see highlights with interesting, less well known sites. With excellent accommodation, good food (and wine) it was a great introduction to the region and I will definitely return.

This was our second trip with Amber Road and it did not disappoint. Bosnia and Croatia have a long and turbulent history which was well described by both the passionate local guides and our tour leader Andrej. Accommodation and meals were of a high standard, local tours were to interesting and unexpected places such as the oyster beds in Ston and a winery near Porec . The pace of the tour was just right with adequate free time to explore and shop. Prior to the tour commencing we had problems with our flight to Sarajevo and then a problem with our booking at the hotel in Sarajevo. Amber Road sorted all that out for us. Highlights were the dinner with the Bosnian families, the lovely coastal town of Orebic and our wonderful local guide in Sarajevo. Our fellow travellers, mainly other Australians, were all great touring companions. Highly recommended!

My second Amber Road Tour and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Arrived at Bosnia and immediately noticed shell punctures in so many of the buildings walls. Next day we started on a tour of Sarajevo’s history, in particular the seige the city suffered through for 3 years. We walked the tunnel they built, had a great tour guide with clear explanations and were quite overcome with the strength, endurance and fortitude of the town. It was very touching that evening to be separated into smaller groups and be welcomed into a home of a family who lived through it. They prepared us a typical meal, answered our questions, were so interested in where each of us lived and so pragmatic about their past. It was humbling & rewarding. We had never experienced like this before.
The ongoing tour was wonderful – towns, hotels & the care taken by our tour leader Andrej to ensure everything ran smoothly were without fault. Such pretty & interesting places, a lovely group to tour with and so well orchestrated. Each town we visited was unique & had its own history & flavour. It was like a story tour – as we progressed through each town there was an ongoing story to the previous one. No repetition, all new things to learn, enjoy and add to what we had already learned & experienced. Wonderful. Unique. Highly organised and rewarding. I highly recommend this company and the care they project to earn them the great reviews their site is flooded with.

Back-to-back tours! We did this tour after completing the Fruili/Slovenia tour with AR. What a contrast and what a wonderful cultural, historical and personal experience. Sarajevo still bears scars of the war but we were able to see and experience the best of it by sharing a meal with a local Bosnian family. Thank you AR this was a wonderful, honest night. The city is full of surprises and cultural experiences. Driving the Adriatic coastline to and from Dubrovnik was everything we had hoped. But more than this AR always finds so many different things to see and experiences to share that you are constantly surprised. And then there is Plitvice Lakes!!!!! This was a truly wonderful day even though it was cold and wet. The autumn colours were amazing. Then another surprise, the Istrian Peninsula with its history and wonderful food and wine. Again a great tour.

The Bosnia/Croatia tour this spring for us was a logical extension of the Friuli/Slovenia tour we greatly enjoyed last year. The two tours were developed by Sonya and Jonathan, with local assistance from their tour manager, Andrej Vatovec, who, as a native Slovenian steeped in the history, life and culture of former Yugoslavian provinces, led the successive Amber Road tours. Clearly, there is nothing that can substitute for direct experience in the physical environs and personal contact with native people. Such was especially the case in Sarajevo, where a sharp awareness of past mindless conflicts and recent war invades one’s consciousness. A novel highlight and unique experience of our Sarajevo stay was the Ramadan meal that we shared with a young hospitable native family. In contrast, Croatia and its extended Adriatic Sea coast offered visitors a cornucopia of places of ancient historical significance and cultural interest as well as vacation venues. The venues selected in Croatia for visiting by Amber Road were spot on for a variety of reasons, enhanced by fluent, knowledgeable local tour guides – often displaying a sense of humor. The outstanding venues included Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes and the Istrian Peninsula that included Poreč and Pula. Additional novel asides along the way included a boat ride and oyster sampling at the oyster farm on the Bay in Ston, and a visit to a family winery and wine tasting at Misal. Designated hotels with amenities and restaurants were excellent. Andrej’s great organizational and planning skills assured success of the tour. Finally, we thank him for giving attention to special personal needs and preferences.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Croatia and Bosnia trip. This was our second trip with Amber Road and we were very pleased with the pre-departure information provided about the trip and the service we received from the office staff. The group of 20 was small enough for us to get know all the other guests and the mix of nationalities (Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Scots, a Brit and Americans) and backgrounds of the participants enriched our travel experience. The itinerary was well planned and well paced providing us time to get to know the places we visited in ways that day trippers from cruise ships could never do! The hotels chosen and the food and wine provided at our included meals were all top quality. And we especially enjoyed the home-hosted dinner in Sarajevo that gave us a chance to spend time with a local family and learn first-hand of their experiences during the war in the 1990s. All our local guides were outstanding in their knowledge and ability to share it with us. This was especially true of our guides in Split, Dubrovnik and Pula! Our Trip Leader, Andrej, was congenial and tremendously helpful. His organizational skills resulted in the tour running very smoothly. Good work Amber Road!!

Our first Rd tour ever, picked Amber Rd after reading the comments on their site, best decision we’ve made, from the start communication with Jonathan or liz was great, we would get answers to our queries within the hour. We started the tour in Sarajevo and finished in Porec, Andrej our tour director was unbelievable, a walking talking historian, 75 per cent of the time spent driving in the coach he was telling us of the history of the area, village, highway, population, bridges etc etc he knew it all. The choice of local guides used to take us through a town/sites were the best, same with location/quality of hotels. To not leave your hotel grounds and be able to swim in the Adriatic was a highlight. All meals supplied were superb again could not be faulted great choice of fish/meat/pasta/wine always local cuisine. Left Auckland with no knowledge of Croatia /Bosnia returned with our heads full of the amazing history and sites to see. A trip no one should miss, only 20 on our tour all got on well and so punctual never had to wait for any traveller the whole tour. Well done Jonathan/liz/Andrej.

This tour started in Sarajevo, a city that made the tour worthwhile on its own. Walk the streets and begin to grasp what had happened here during the recent war. Now still a place where Turkish and European influences meet and can be savoured. Dubrovnik stay was colourful and scenic. The local guide here was very informative and entertaining. Congratulations to Amber Rd. for their choice of local guides in each of the places we visited. Orebic is a peaceful and beautiful place to stay and be refreshed. The visit to a local vineyard, was well hosted with great wine and food. One of the special features of Amber Road ( and this is our second) is the contact with local people, their homes and places of work. Plitvice Lakes National Park is world class in terms of beauty and serenity. Mosaics, Roman amphitheater,coastal views and top class accommodation, makes this a most enjoyable Tour. The small number on the tours makes for a superior experience compared to a large bus full of fellow travelers and means the Tour Guide can give much more personal attention to questions and care of those in the Tour. Thank you to Andrej our tour guide and to Liz at the Office of Amber Road for personal advice pre and post tour.

Before this trip, we knew little about this beautiful area. Highlights for us were the dinner with a local family in Sarajevo, walking the wall in Dubrovnik, hiking beside the amazing waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes, and the friendly people in our group and in each location. October was a great time to be there to avoid summer crowds. All the hotels were lovely – many with balconies overlooking the Adriatic, and we were surprised by how delicious the food and wine were. Andrej graciously handled all the details and patiently readjusted the schedule when needed. We have fond memories now of our time together with interesting people and a greater understanding of this fascinating part of the world.

I wanted to take a minute to mention how wonderful our tour was to Bosnia and Croatia. It is my first organized tour and I was so pleasantly surprised. Our group was a fabulous mix of friendly, adventuresome, and fun people. Our tour guide Andrej was a pleasure to be with and very knowledgeable. As an avid traveler, I was impressed by the venues and the beauty of Croatia and Bosnia that were picked for the tour. Our local guides were informative, well educated in their subject matter and entertaining.. I am glad that we chose AmberRoad tours for my first tour experience.. thank you.

We recently returned from an Amber Road Tour to Croatia and Bosnia. I am definitely not an ardent overseas traveler and I was very skeptical about signing up but wives can be pretty persuasive.After experiencing an Amber Road Tour I can safely say that if you wish to tour in comfort and style with just about everything included and every detail taken care of,then you need to contact Jonathan and Sonja at Amber road tours.They will make sure that every day of your trip is as perfect as possible.Our group of 20 was just the right size as it was possible to get to know every one in just a short while.We were all very compatible even though we had travelers from Australia, South Africa, Pennsylvania, California and Florida.Not only do you get to see and learn about places you visit, but you also learn about your fellow travelers and their distant homes.Our tour guide was Andrej and he always went the extra mile to make sure everyone was happy.We endured illness and bad weather but Andrej made it all work. He does need to work on his meal descriptions however. He calls every meal \”light\”even if it\’s 6 courses!Our tour our took us from Ljubljana to Trieste.We visited Sarajevo which while a little depressing due to the presence of war damage,was very informative and opened our eyes to all that occurred in that horrific conflict.We especially enjoyed Dubrovnik and it\’s awesome city walls and the very scenic Dalmation coast.If you are thinking of visiting southern Eurpoe you definitely need to get in touch with Amber Road Tours. PS: most of our group were repeat Amber Road travelers

My husband and I joined 18 others for the October 2015 Croatia/Bosnia Tour. Starting in Sarajevo a highlight was our small group dinner in the home of a Muslim family. Everyone reported a very positive experience. A visit to the Tunnel of Hope showed the suffering during the 1991-95 blockade of the city. This was followed by a scenic drive from Sarajevo to Mostar and then crossing into Croatia to Dubrovnik and the beautiful Adriatic coast. Our hotel was lovely and close to the walled city. Walking the entire wall gives you a panoramic view of the entire area. After visiting more coastal towns and taking a boat ride to Korcula, we headed inland to Plitvice Lakes, a National Park which has walking paths over and around more waterfalls than one will ever experience in one place. We then returned to the coast for the seaside towns of Porec, Pula, and post card perfect Rovinj. Our hotels and food were outstanding and overall the local guides were the best we have ever had on any tour or river cruise. Could not have asked for a nicer more compatible group of travelers. Our tour director Andrej Vatovec was fun, kept us on schedule, took good care of us when needed and always had a plan b. If you have enjoyed any of Amber Road’s Italy trips, you will really love their Croatia tour.

Please note that these comments are for both the Croatia/Bosnia and Slovenia tours. We took these two tours back to back.
My husband and I have been on five tours with Amber Road Tours . We have traveled to the Amalfi Coast and Apulia, Sicily and Tuscany/Umbria (back to back), and Friuli &Slovenia and Croatia (back to back). It is therefore very obvious that we totally enjoy traveling with them. Our latest trips with them were Slovenia and Croatia/Bosnia. Both of these tours were fantastic!. Our guide for both was Andrej who was outstanding. It was like living a history lesson and living in the present as well. This was Amber Road Tours’ first tour to Croatia which is absolutely beautiful. We swam in the Adriatic. We did walks to see wonderful waterfalls. We chose our fish to eat at a fish market.
We had a lovely day on a small boat at an oyster farm, where we ate raw oysters while sipping wine. We had dinner overlooking the Adriatic.
We had a great wine and food tasting experience at a small family run winery. We went to some very interesting museums –such as a beekeeping museum.
We had dinner with a family who told us about living through the “Homeland War.” We saw the bullet holes in the buildings which were made in the 1990s.
I can go on and on. These two back to back tours were exceptional in that they had such a variety of activities. We had history. We had nature. We ate delicious food.
The real story is that Jonathan of Amber Road Tours goes out of his way to make certain that his tours are enjoyable. One example of this was in Slovenia.
We were staying at a very picturesque hotel in Lake Bled. I had read about Vintgar Gorge which was close to our hotel. It was not on our agenda. I mentioned it to Andrej. He contacted Jonathan who agreed to include the visit to the Gorge. Andrej told our group that if we were willing to leave the hotel at 7:45 AM we could take our bus to the Gorge. However, we would need to have packed and be ready to leave Lake Bled for Ljubljana when we returned to the hotel. Six of our twelve
managed to be on the bus. It was so worth it!!
We have traveled through out the world. However, we feel that Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia–part of what was Yugoslavia–is a must to see. Especially with Amber Road Tours.
We, of course, will be traveling with Amber Road Tours again. We really enjoy their small groups, their hotels, their food, their variety of activities. We highly recommend that you also travel with them.