My wife and I had an absolutely delightful trip with Amber Road, visiting Lucca, Pisa, Cinque Terre and Genoa. This is our third tour with Amber Road. Our tour manager, Tiziana, was attentive to everyone’s needs, very knowledgeable about the places we visited, quite helpful along the way and a lot of fun. The itinerary was varied and interesting and the hotels and restaurants were great. The mix of group activities and free time is perfect for us. Thanks Amber Road for another wonderful adventure.


Excellent tour. Our tour guide was Tiziana. She was above and beyond in all respects. Very concerned we were getting to see and enjoy everything available. She made dinner reservations and even was downstairs at 4:00 am to see us off and make sure our taxis was there. Simply
The best tour guide possible.

This was our second Amber Road trip. Tiziana is an absolute joy – she is a wonderful guide and a lovely person. I would definitely seek out another Amber Road tour on which she is the guide. She has a great personality, is very knowledgeable and took care of all of us.

Amber Road tours are a good mix of scheduled and free time. You learn a lot from the local guides at each location on the tour but then have plenty of time to explore on your own. The small group size is also a plus and gives you the chance to get to know other participants. Transitions between hotels are seamless, and the hotels were lovely. We enjoyed each location on the tour. Genoa was a pleasant surprise – the Hotel Bristol Palace is beautiful and full of old world charm and it’s a great city with lots to explore.

Looking forward to another Amber Road tour.

This was our first trip with Amber Road Tours. We both agree that this was a first rate trip. We usually go off to somewhere and do our own thing. This was a change of pace for us; from the many activities, such as the visits to the ancient town of Lucca/Pisa, the hike through the idyllic Tuscan countryside, the visit to the olive oil processing farm, the studio in Carrara, the Carrara marble quarries, the romantic towns of the Cinque Terre, the most informative tour of Genova and all the new friends we made. Our most fabulous tour leader Tiziana was breath of fresh air who was most knowledgeable and cared for her flock with deep affection. She led us to many places most of us had never been to or did not know much about. She was well prepared to tell us about her country and gave us a deeper understanding of her country’s character and culture. The hotels were best of class and the food was great (too bad we ate so much). Kudos to you Tiziana, we will never forget you, you were a good shepherd. Let us not forget the person who set up this glorious trip. Thank you Lisa, you did yourself proud.

This tour was the best combination of all things—each day brought new surprises. It had an unexpected and wonderful mix of physicality and culture—walks, bike riding, boat and train travel, great food and all the history and art. Our shepherd was the amazing Tiziana. She’s so very caring and so well prepared. This is a woman who does her homework—in each city she was prepared with handfuls of business cards, recommending restaurants we’d enjoy. It’s my fourth trip with Amber Road and I look forward to traveling again as long as Tiziana’s on the bus.

Our 6th Amber Road Tour was as successful and pleasurable as previous tours. Tour Director Tiziana was fun, organized and involved with her diverse travelers. She was helpful in each location with restaurant suggestions and reservations. We were pleased with her choices and it made “on your own” a fun experience. Our hotels were very comfortable and in great locations. Everyday provided a variety of experiences. Local guides were interesting and the use of ear buds was very helpful. Lucca is a favorite with its wall that can be walked on. The Puccini concert was excellent. Another highlight was a trip to Carrara to a marble sculpturing studio followed by a trip to quarries to see how marble is extracted. Cinque Terre is a very unique area that Tiziana arranged a variety of ways we could travel, explore and hike between towns. The boat ride along the coastline was the best way to see all five. Genoa is a large busy city but our hotel was close to the historical area for easy walking. Our week of many experiences, good travel companions, tasty Italian food and Tiziana made it all work.

This was our third Amber Roads tour. As usual, the tour exceeded our expectations. Tiziana, our guide, was knowledgeable as well as delightful. We’ve traveled with other tour companies, but have found none that compare. We are looking forward to our next experience.

Thank you Amber Roads for a wonderful tour! This was our first tour ever and it will be hard to follow up this one with any other company! This was also our first time to Italy and we had a wonderful introduction to the history and culture of Italy. Our tour only had 8 people so we were really spoiled. Our guide, Tiziana, was wonderful and shepherded her “gruppo” everywhere with such great humor and finesse! We were sad to say goodbye at the end of the tour! We had a nice balance of activities and free time and during some our down time on the bus or at meals, Tiziana shared a lot about her country and it’s customs which enriched our visit. This tour included a wonderful hike in the Ligurian hillsides which was so fun because it ended with olive oil and wine tasting and then a relaxed lunch. Such a fun day! The town of Lucca was charming and we especially enjoyed visiting the carrera quarries and attending the opera in Puccini’s hometown. Genova was also a nice surprise. Our hotels were lovely and our local city guides were excellent as well. We would highly recommend this tour and tour company and hope we can go on another of their tours. This is the way to go! I think our guide Tiziana, definitely swayed my somewhat skeptical husband who was reticent to travel to Italy “on a tour”! Brava Tiziana! ❤️?

Our first two tours with Amber Road Tours were back to back tours in Tuscany…Lucca, Genova, Cinque Terre and Hilltop Towns. Both were two of the most enjoyable small group tours we have taken. The sites, sounds, smells and tastes gave us a great insight into Tuscan history and culture. Half of the group in the first tour stayed to do the second. Amber Road made this transition from one to the other seamless. What can we say about both tours? Only to echo the superlatives already posted by our more eloquent fellow travelers. Totally outstanding for us were our tour managers for each of the tours. Tiziana Manganiello, on our first, and Mariaelena Ciacci were amazing ambassadors for Amber Road Tours. Both in their own way were professional, knowledgeable, organized and made the tours fun. Always very attentive to the ‘groupo’. Special kudos to our drivers, Obaldo and Carmelo. Thank you for a great job! Looking forward to our next travelling experience with Amber Road Tours.

This was our second Amber Road Tour and we were not surprised by its’ outcome. It was a wonderful experience. We arrived in Florence for two nights prior to this tour to make sure that our bodies were in the right time zone. Lucca, Genoa & Cinque Terre all had their beauty and charming appeal which were brought to the forefront by our lovely tour guide Tiziana and our very capable and safe driver Ubaldo. We can’t thank them enough for guiding us through this wonderful holiday adventure. Our hotels, their locations and the food at our tour restaurants were all top drawer. We have found that people touring in a small group setting (15-16 people) are usually well traveled and this seems to us to be an added bonus which lends itself nicely to a relaxed educational experience. Additional “Thanks” to Lisa and Jonathan for their help and guidance with additional hotel nights and train transfers at the end our tour. We have planned and are looking forward to our back to back holiday adventures with Amber Road Tours to Portugal, Galicia & the Basque Country of NW Spain. Thanks again to Amber Road Tours.

Our first Amber Road Tour was amazing! Tiziana is the epitome of professional tour guide: friendly, compassionate, organized and eager to share her vast knowledge. The size of the group is perfect for an in-depth appreciation of the sights and for enjoying Tiziana and the local guides provided at each of our stops. The pace was a bit intense and we wish we started with Amber Tours a few years ago. Amazing service. We love Italy and thoroughly enjoyed viewing it through Amber Road Tours’ eyes.

We loved every minute of our first Amber Road tour and will definitely plan another! Everything about the tour was well- planned and carried out perfectly. The hotels were superb, the food was excellent, the towns and historic sites were outstanding. Our lovely tour guide Tiziana, and our very capable driver Ubaldo made our experience of Italy, Magnifico! Tiziana was very organized and conscientious, she had a perfect grasp of all the information we needed and it was always delivered in an upbeat, relaxed and fun way! Her smile is contagious and her comments about Italy and Italian life were very helpful! (Especially helpful hints about coffee and polite words!) We were very happy that Ubaldo was navigating the roads in the Tuscan hills and Monterosso and we could just sit back and relax! Tiziana and the local guides were very knowledgeable about the history, geography and economy of the places we visited. The walking tours in Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Genova were very informative and helped to acclimate us to our surroundings. A highlight for us was the ferry boat ride to all the towns of Cinque Terre and hiking the trail from Corniglia to Vernazza to Monterosso. Our “groupo ” all got along very well and we made new friends along the way. We are missing our fresh anchovies and daily gelato! The trip was a dream come true! Grazie mille!!

Our first tour with Amber Roads. We arrived a few days early in Florence, which we recommend since it took a couple days to recover after our flight from San Francisco. The hotel locations and accommodations were first rate. Our guide, Tiziana and our driver, Ubaldo, were friendly and professional. Tiziana is a confident leader, has a wonderful sense of humor, and cares about her group members. She also maintains a great rapport with the providers in each city; hotel staff, local tour guides, restaurateurs. We liked that there were options on the more strenuous days for people to take a train or the bus if the offered activities became too challenging. Lucca is not to be missed and Cinque Terre is a jewel. We were most satisfied that the trip included the city of Genova. This city provides a fantastic blend of historic and modern, the museums at the harbor and the historic sites in the old part of the city should be experienced by more people. We also enjoyed the brief visit to Santa Margherita Ligure. As with many tours, the time spent in each of the cities was limited, but this tour gave us educational and fun experiences through carefully researched places and activities.

I have just returned from my second Amber Road Tour and am already planning my next! What a grand adventure this was. Everything about this tour was well thought out and superbly executed. Lisa in the Charleston office was delightful to work with and made sure all the paperwork was in order; Jonathan helped with a side trip I took; our Tour Guide, Tiziana, was exceptional, and our driver, Ubaldo, was very experienced and a very safe driver.
We covered a lot of towns and cities in a very comfortable style. Cinque Terre is eye candy and food for the soul. Lucca is a wonderful city; our visit to Carrara was informative and included a private tour to a sculptor’s studio (Thank you Amalia!); Pisa and Santa Margherita are breathtaking; Genova is a hidden gem. The hotels were all lovely and upscale. Our group was taken to wonderful local and family owned trattorias and restaurants; the food was all fresh, local traditional fare, exquisitely prepared and presented.
Our Tour Guide, Tiziana, is a doll. She made this trip an absolute pleasure. She is knowledgeable, kind, tireless, attentive to everyone and their needs, with a great sense of humor! She makes it easy to fall in love with Italy. The local guides were informative and presented more than “just the facts.” They included local flavor. This tour is well paced with a lot of time for private exploration as well as many suggestions for sites to visit on our own. I could go on and on…it was a lovely experience. Thanks to all involved…Lisa, Jonathan, Ubaldo, all the local guides, local trattorias, and especially Tiziana, who made this tour so enjoyable.

This is my first Amber Road Tour, and I am planning another trip with you already!. It was a memorable trip, flawless and a perfect mix of monuments, geography, and regional culture and food. Tiziana can only be described in superlatives. She was attentive to each of us and to us as a group. She is organized, very invested in our having a positive and fulfilling experience, and she provided a wealth of information as we traveled. Additionally she is a warm and welcoming person who is thoughtful at every opportunity. Regional guides who joined the tour in various cities were informative, very pleasant and professional. Our driver was a wonderful addition to the tour, and he was a superb driver in the hilly and narrow roads we were on. Thank you for such an awesome experience of Italian life and history.

This tour comprised a small group of only 12 persons which was ideal for travelling around and site seeing. There was ample opportunity to enjoy free time in the places we visited and stayed as well as informative city tours.
We especially enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a variety of different activities, visiting monuments, sampling different food, enjoying music as well as being able to walk in the countryside. All the guides were very engaging and knowledgeable. A special mention for our tour leader Tiziana, a person with a great sense of humour who capably looked after the many different personalities in the “groupo”. This was the second Amber Roads tour we have been on and would certainly join future tours if the opportunity arises.

What a wonderful first time experience with Amber Road Tours. Despite the so so weather, our Tuscany Liguria trip was full of fun and good food. Our guide, Tiziana, was kind and friendly and totally focused on her “gruppo” having the best experiences. I have already sung your praises to my friends and am sure they will have as wonderful a time as I did.

Michelle von Bleichert

A truly memorable week. Our guide Tiziana was amazing. She was so knowledgeable and able to make each place come alive. She took a personal interest in every member of the group and easily accommodated our needs. She made everyday personal and we never felt like a group to be herded around. The hotels were perfect, not huge impersonal places but smaller unique venues. Our rooms were lovely and the restaurants not touristy. We ate like locals and the food was amazing. Tiziana had great suggestions for us when we were on our own. The Puccini concert in the church in Lucca was inspiring, seeing how an artist carves marble statues brought a new understanding for me of what it took the masters to create such beauty, spending time in the 5 villages of the Cinque Terre amidst all the beauty of the natural surroundings was very special, and of course not feeling rushed but instead being encouraged to see each destination as we wanted made all the difference. Amber Road has found the secret for touring and it is in their not acting like a tour company but creating an experience for their guests that is unique and a little off the beaten path.

Our first trip with Amber Roads was everything we expected — beautiful scenery, interesting local guides, wonderful food, good company, and a great tour guide Tiziana! She kept us organized and informed and happy throughout the tour, even made restaurant reservations for us during our free time. We particularly enjoyed the Tuscany walk and the olive oil tasting, the eye-popping Cinque Terre and the incredible hike back to our hotel (glad I was in shape for that one!), the climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the lovely town of Lucca with the bicycle ride on the medieval wall, and the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa (we spent longer there than we thought we would — great history and exhibits). The hotels were fine, particularly the Hotel Porto Roca (wow – what a view!). Tiziana made sure everyone was able to enjoy this tour, regardless of their level of physical ability. We highly recommend this tour and Tiziana. Thanks for a wonderful experience on our first trip to Italy!

Amber did it again. Presented a great trip that included history, beauty, amazing food and an extremely friendly group to travel with. Really appreciated the patience and friendship our tour manager provided. Just when I thought I had seen it all, I got a daily surprise – a town i never dreamed of or a view beyond compare or an exotic dish with my favorite wine. Thanks for the pleasure of going on another Amber experience. Till next time.

Hotels were superior. Food was excellent. Tour manager did a great job. Appreciated the guide a day ahead in Florence

We had a superb time on our tour. Tiziana was such an outstanding guide. She also took such a personal interest in helping the members of our tour group with any special situations they encountered. If she gives any other Amber Road tours, we would go way out of our way to take those also! Tiziana and Amber Road were also quite conducive to building a friendly, fun tour group. There were no cliques. Everyone took time to get to know each other. Lodgings were very good throughout the trip.

The Tuscany/Liguria tour was our 2nd Amber Road Tour – we previously did the Amalfi Coast to Apuglia tour in May 2011– and must say this tour lived up to our expectations. It was every bit as enjoyable as our first. Tiziana, our tour guide, was a sweetheart and she immediately made everyone feel most welcome and comfortable in her country. She was very knowledgeable when it came to the towns we toured and she helped us to learn about the Italian culture. We certainly love the fact that not only did we tour some well known cities and towns such as Lucca, Pisa, Genoa and the villages in the Cinque Terre, but were also introduced to towns most people have never heard of such as Carrara, Colonnata, and San Fruttuoso to name just a few. The Northern Hills Medieval Hike was especially enjoyable and the marble quarries were quite interesting. We do like the fact that there is also an ample amount of free time to explore on your own. Lastly, we were amazed that within an hour of meeting Tiziana and the group, we felt as though we had known everyone for quite some time ~ we met many wonderful people on this trip and this just added to the entire memorable experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed the 2015 Tuscany/Liguria tour. Tiziana was an excellent guide. She exuded the love and passion of the Italian people and knew every grain of earth that we toured. The scenery, culture, food, wine, hotels were excellent as well as the side tours. Having an expert guide from each town join us enhanced our experience. For us, the trip to San Fruttuoso and City tour of Lucca were our favorite side trips. The Hotel Porto Roca was the most beautiful hotel and Lucca was our favorite place we visited with a great hotel as well. We will definitely recommend Amber Roads Tours and become a returning customer as well. Give our best regards to Tiziana. I think the entire group wished they could pack her up and take her home, she is that lovable a person!!

This tour came strongly recommended from a good friend who had been on it a few years ago and, I must admit, it lived up to the very high praise. The program was very well designed, the hotels were charming, the restaurants very well chosen and the mix of the itinerary between the organized and leisurely, nature and art/culture very well balanced. What made it even more special was our guide Tiziana, who not only was extremely efficient, knowledgeable and friendly, but also a very caring individual. She went out of her way to accommodate our needs and provide a helping hand if and when necessary. Molto grazie.