The logistics and planning of this tour were excellent. The hotels were all downtown near the sites so we could easily walk out on our own. Miguel was an attentive guide who always seemed to be looking ahead to make everything go smoothly for us. He was knowledgeable and willing to talk on any subject – ancient or modern. He obviously loved his country and enjoyed sharing it with us. The 12-person group was a good size and very congenial. I’d never been to Portugal and this was a great introduction – from south to north.

This tour was amazing! Our guide Miguel is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but has no difficulty communicating in several languages! He has a wonderful sense of humor and was able to integrate so many aspects of social, political, economical, and art into a comprehensive experience of this beautiful country. We were able to see so many things in a relatively short time, but the pace was comfortable. The members of our small group of 12, were comfortable with each other and we enjoyed their stories and companionship. Miguel selected great guides for specific tours, who also were able to communicate easily with us and I loved their sense of humor along with great information. Manuel, our driver was amazing and we enjoyed his company!
Amber Road took care of us with our transportation to and from airports, even with our various schedules. Our hotels were first rate, and convenient for location during free time. The lunches and dinners provided for us were exceptional and introduced new tastes as well as a new appreciation of excellent Portugal wines! Thank you for the obvious preparations and planning made to make this such an educational and enjoyable experience.

Our Andalusia tour with Amber Road Tours was literally a life-changing event. All of our previous Amber tours have been outstanding, but this was the most engaging and the most fun. Our tour guide, Senor Campos, provided the continuity and coordination needed to move the tour around, always available to explain the history and language as well as fixing any loose details. He accompanied us to all of the local tour sites, working with the local guides. The local guides were absolutely first rate, moving us through the architecture and history with insight. The complex history of Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, and Christian Europeans was largely unknown to us, despite some previous reading. Melding these changes into a comprehensive overview was a difficult undertaking our guides had clearly mastered. Throughout, meals, transportation, and hotels were great. Another Amber Road strength is the carefully vetted hotels. Always close to the local sites of interest, the hotels allowed all of us to freely walk and explore, no taxi or Uber required. Not joking, most of our tour group could have just stayed in Ronda, a small jewel of a town with a wonderful hotel, unbelievable vistas and restaurants. The major sites were all included with enough time on our own to revisit and explore after our local guide’s orientation.
Our profound thanks to Amber Road Tours …

We recently returned home from a very pleasant tour of Sicily with Amber Road. This was our third trip with Amber Road and we continue to be pleased with the arrangements. Our guide Severio was fun and very helpful. Hotel accommodations were good, we enjoyed the pace and were pleased with it all. We enjoyed the Puppet Show, the Opera performance and were pleased that we went to see Mount Etna. I am happy to recommend Amber Road with confidence.

A delightful tour! The trip planning was perfect and we were so pleased with the activities and events included.  We cannot imagine the detail work that goes in to planning each itinerary with so many challenges and changes.  Amber handled everything very well.  All individual needs were met and expectations were exceeded. The hotels were perfect and the included meals were very special.  The selection of both could not have been better.  Historic locations within walking distance of so many interesting places was great.

Nacho Campos was a very special tour manager.  We all felt a close connection to him as he worked so hard to accommodate our needs and personalities.  He made dinner reservations in advance to busy venues for us and that was so nice to have that option rather than searching for our dinners on our own.  He always checked with each of us to insure we were comfortable and happy, and helped tour participants attend a bull fight, additional Flamenco performances and museums.  His local knowledge was extensive and so helpful. Thank you sincerely for this amazing experience!

We had a wonderful time in Italy and enjoyed this tour very much. The itinerary was excellent, which is what attracted us in the first place, along with Amber Road Tours truly being a small group entity. We appreciated them moving forward with our trip, even though there were only 6 people. Our tour leader, Tiziana Santi, was very knowledgeable and took good care of us during our travels. Communication with Amber Road Tours is always prompt and thorough. All the hotels were good to excellent, some with superb views. In Milan, even though the room was on the small side, the harpist playing in the morning at breakfast, and the view from the rooftop bar were very memorable. All of the guides were great, some were superb. They made for very rich experiences, and we learned a great deal from them at each venue, be it a church, a theatre or a museum. The beauty of the lakes is well known, and it was so wonderful to stay in Lake Como and Lake Stresa and to have experiences in Lake Garda and Lake Orta. For us, the real highlights of the trip were in the off the beaten path, less traveled towns of Bergamo, Brescia and Mantova. We truly wish we had more time in these locations – they were fantastic! Our stop in Cremona was also terrific, especially our guide and the violin recital in the battistero. Being in a small group also allows you to dine at small, intimate local places that a large group could not. Both of our group dinners in Mantova were fantastic. Lovely family, ambiance and food at Il Cigno. Our dinner at Lo Scalco Grasso in Mantova was nothing short of spectacular. This restaurant and the chef will remain in my memory for some time to come. The food was truly special and the chef, who came to our table, was so modest and kind, he clearly loves what he does, and it showed. What a great trip, so many wonderful lifetime memories. Thank you Amber Road Tours.

It was a wonderful itinerary made even more wonderful by the attention that our guide, Nacho, paid to each of our interests and needs. He was the hardest working, most caring guide ever. He went above and beyond to assure that we enjoyed the scheduled tours as well as our free time. This was our third Amber Road Tour and it lived up to our expectations that small group travel with attention to detail is what one can expect from Amber Road Tours. In addition to our guide, Nacho, the city guides we had were exceptional. The “off the beaten path” stops as we travelled were especially enjoyable. Each hotel we stayed at was memorable and we would definitely recommend this trip for the history, architecture, unique experiences, people and food. Great trip!

This was my first Amber Road Tour. It was exceptionally well-run and Nacho, our tour manager, showed unstinting attention to us, even though Andalucia was his debut with Amber Road. His willingness to make dinner reservations on the nights we were on our own made dining a culinary discovery rather than an exercise in frustration. The local tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and often quite entertaining. The hotels chosen were always well-located; some better appointed than others (the hotel in Granada was very, very good). The visit to the olive orchard and tour of the pressing plant was really instructive; the visit to the bull farm completely changed my point of view on bull fighting to one less judgmental. Am considering the Central Spain tour for 2023-24!

This was our fourth tour with Amber Road and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. We love the small side trips into the out of the way places that seem to be unique to this company. The trip to the olive oil mill was lovely and we learned a lot and enjoyed the lunch. We were especially taken with the trip to the bull farm. The excellent explanation by the guide gave us a whole new understanding of the drama of bull fighting. The hotels used by Amber Roads were comfortable and well located….and very unique….especially the one in Sevilla.
Prior to the trip we read a series of historical novels by David Penny that took place in the late 1400’s and were located in several of the towns we visited. It was exciting to visit those towns and feel the history come to life.
We can’t say enough about Nacho, our guide. He was extremely professional and caring and always seemed to thinking of the needs and interests of the group. He went out of his way to insure that John’s dietary needs were met often accompanying us to meals that were on our own to make sure that the restaurant could prepare food that was suitable. We were so appreciative as John cannot eat many of the common foods served in Spain.
There were just ten participants on this tour….a perfect number. On our first Amber Road tour in Tuscany we met the Schuchmans and have stayed friends over the years. We were able to travel with them again on this trip….so much fun. We also made new friends and would love to travel with them as well. We are looking forward to our next adventure with Amber Road.

Another wonderful Amber Road tour! This was our fourth with Amber Road. This tour was with only ten travelers accompanied by the tour guide, Nacho, who could not have been more helpful, more informed, and more fun to travel with. He always went out of his way to be attentive to the needs and preferences of each of us. Every town visit included a guided tour, and all of the local tour guides were engaged and knowledgeable and also humorous about their respective regions. All of the towns and cities were very interesting to visit. The tour began in Granada where the Alhambra is the main attraction, and we enjoyed a wonderful tour. The tour ended in Seville after traveling through other smaller and very interesting places. We are looking forward to future Amber Road tours!

We are extremely pleased with the tour of Sicily. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Island, and were appreciative of nearly perfect weather–mid 70s and sunny every day. The abundant vistas and s-turns up the mountainsides, coupled with the old-town alley way driving in the cities made us most grateful that we had not planned to rent a car and do this on our own!! Stefano earned our trust as driver of the bus. A fullsized bus for a small group tour assured our comfort and made it so easy to bring along anything needed, The travel agenda was busy but afforded enough free time to relax and enjoy our vacation–this was an important part of our decision. Saverio and all the local guides were considerate and knowledgeable throughout. Having only ten people assured us that we would not be waiting for the group to assemble, (although we were the only ones to oversleep during the trip!!!) The Mosaic churches were incredible even by Italian standards We marveled at seeing 400BC Greek ruins right next to 300AD Roman ruins. We loved Ragusa Ibla as well as Syracusa and Taormina! All the hotels were well located and unique so we felt safe walking and traveling everywhere. We were fortunate to have “the villa” assigned to us in Taormina at the Hotel Belvedere! An outstanding boutique hotel that was a great finish to a great trip! AND THE FOOD………….. We made great friends that we hope to see again soon—maybe on another Amber Road Tour??? We will definitely recommend this tour group to friends..

Loved Sicily.  Amber Road provided great hotels, restaurants, and local guides. The hotels were all clean, spacious and centrally located for self exploration. The restaurants were unique and provided local foods and wines. The guides were always knowledgeable and entertaining. Saverio was accommodating and fun.

This was our first experience with Amber Road Tours. Saverio was wonderful! He is a master at making sure that each of us had an awesome experience. All of the local guides were also exceptional. Mostly outstanding weather – unusual for us. Some rain but only at night. The group meals were outstanding, in particular in Marsala. The hotel choices – outstanding. Only having 10 individuals in our group was a nice surprise. Everyone was friendly and appeared to get along well. Jonathan and Sonya – thank you for your timely advice and for reaching out to me once you decided to start up again following the COVID shutdown.

We enjoyed our Sicily trip very much. Our guide, Saverio, was fantastic. Our bus driver, Stefano, was also great. He really navigated the small roads with great skill. Sicily certainly exceeded our expectation. The landscape, history, architecture, and food and wine were really unmatched. Saverio’s knowledge and enthusiasm for his country was contagious. The local guides were also wonderful. They each loved there respective towns and that certainly showed. The towns/cities on the itinerary were very nice and were a good mix between large and small cities. We thought the historical sites visited were also a great mix of what Sicily had to offer. We loved the Cathedrals, Mt Etna, the town walking tours, the Roman Villa, the Greek ruins, and all the rest. The hotels and luggage service were also top notch. We left at 3:00 AM to avoid a very long layover in Rome on the way home and it was no problem for Amber. Our luggage was picked up outside our room and our driver was very punctual. In closing, we can’t say enough nice things about Saverio and Stefano. We left as friends.

I enjoyed our journey through Bosnia and Croatia on many levels: from a rich historical perspective, the varying geography of the region, the diverse citizens of the countries, the knowledgeable local tour guides, the feasts, the well-appointed hotels, and the interesting and engaged fellow travelers. Amber Road Tours lives up to its claim of unique small group cultural journeys. Several things linger in my memory and in my heart: The tour of Sarajevo when our tour guide shared her personal experience of the Homeland War; and our visit to a local vintner where we enjoyed a feast prepared by his Wife, Mother, and Sister…hospitality at its finest. This is our third Amber Road Tour; hope there will be another!

This was our 4th Amber Road Tour and as usual it was wonderful! Saverio was great fun and accommodating to everyone in our group. The weather was perfect and the food fantastic-what more could you ask? Looking forward to more adventures in the future.

Fran and I hold Amber Road in high regard and we truly enjoyed our Italian Lakes experience.   In the past, we have traveled with other well run, and high end tours that have large groups. We are seasoned travelers, and we prefer the Amber Road’s small group experience to that of larger entities. We were happy that you went forward with the Italian Lakes tour even though there were only six participants.

We have been to Italy many times, both on our own and with tours. Each region amazes us in its’ own special way.  The natural scenery and each small town of the Italian lakes tour had their own highlights that made them special gems to visit.  We enjoyed the small islands, the guided narrations, the boat trips and every unique destination.  The fact that our small group was able to dine at local, less touristy, and intimate restaurants is very appealing, and another reason to take your tours.  We found all the hotels to be well located.  Our hotel rooms, (some with excellent views) as well as the service, and breakfasts were great.

Tiziana [Santi] is a very professional and knowledgeable tour manager.  She was fun and very easy to travel with.  She guided us safely, and her enthusiasm for the region and care of the group was readily apparent.  Once she realized I was an avid cyclist, she suggested some bicycle worthy sites to visit on my free time.  My bike ride up to the Chiesa Madonna dell Ghisallo outside Belaggio, and an iconic climb of the Giro d’ Italia, was a personal highlight.  I enjoyed making Tiziana laugh as her good nature permeated the trip. Fran and I hold her in high regard, both as a guide, and as a person. That’s ufficiale!

We continue to recommend Amber Road to family and friends and wish you continued success with your small group tours.

Amber Road Tours does not disappoint, this was my 4th trip with them.  Portugal was beautiful, so much to experience that my picture book for this trip has so many pages it is too expensive to print. I’m finding it hard to pare down. I loved our guide Miguel – his professionalism, attentiveness, and love of Portugal comes natural. The bridges are stunning, the tiles are not only beautiful but some are very uniquely made with multiple dimensions where the flower will protrude from the surrounding tile. The food was great and many times very inexpensive. We experienced mountains, rivers, ocean beaches all with magnificent views – old and beautiful churches, monasteries and palaces – wineries with wine paired meals – cork and tile factories – and list goes on and on. You have never had octopus like this – it cut with a fork and was delicious. They celebrate Christmas with this dish. Very nice trip.

This was our first experience with Amber Road Tours and it was top-notch. We loved touring the smaller towns and saw so many wondrous sights. All accommodations were clean and comfortable and some were ultra-luxurious, like the cave hotel in Matera. The local guides were knowledgeable and showed us sights we would not have found on our own. Breakfast was always included and quite delicious, especially the spectacular Italian coffee drinks. The lunches and dinners that were part of the tour were in unique, delicious, often Michelin-rated restaurants. I have dietary restrictions, and every chef made sure that my diet was accommodated. Our guide, Tiziana, was charming, funny, informative, organized, and very tuned in to ensuring we all were enjoying ourselves. She often shared delightful stories and customs about Italian life as we drove from place to place. We had some rain in the beginning of the tour, and Tiziana worked very hard to rearrange events so we could enjoy ourselves despite the rain. The tour was already an A, but Tiziana made it an A++++. We hope to encounter her again on an Amber Road Tour, which we definitely plan to take!

I wanted to tell you that Andrej [tour manager] and all of the local tour guides were simply excellent.  We really enjoyed all of the hotels – the locations were in the best areas and the views were wonderful.  And the big bus really made traveling comfortable. The whole the trip was absolutely fabulous.


This was my first time traveling to Europe. A friend recommended Amber Road Tours and I am so glad I took her advice. From initial booking until my arrival home every step was seamless. Tiziana was our tour guide and she was fantastic. She worked tirelessly to make sure our tour was successful. The hotels were fabulous. The Aquatico hotel in Matera was unbelievable. The locations and events scheduled highlighted each region, city, territory giving the best observation / experience of these places. Tiziana also managed to fit in Positano even though our boat trip was cancelled due to bad weather. I think Amber Roads Tours provides a unique and comprehensive experience in Southern Italy. Would highly recommend them and plan to use them again for the Umbria/ Tuscany tour.

We had a wonderful time with Miguel and the Portugal tour group. Such a stunning country and we really liked getting to know its history and current culture and amazing foods.  Miguel was first rate in managing my fall with expertise and care! The entire trip had lots of flexibility and such amazing tours of cork factory, vineyards, ceramics tiles and on and on… it all went by too fast. We learned so much!

Thank you Amber Road for another fantastic trip, my fourth and counting. Many thanks to Miguel who was the perfect Tour Manager. He was extremely knowledgeable of Portuguese history and filled us in on the Portuguese way of life today. His love of his country was apparent, and we learned so much from him. He took such good care of each one of us and always had a smile on his face along with a wonderful sense of humor. Portugal has so many facets to it and each day was a different experience. We experienced spectacular scenery, ornate architecture, magnificent churches, and tilework everywhere. We traversed from the seaside to the lush interior and back again. The food was absolutely fabulous along with excellent wine and port which was delicious (to my surprise). My favorite place was the Douro River Valley as the beauty of the mountains and valleys and the terraced vineyards was breathtaking. Each day was filled with a destination that was filled with beauty and history that would take me pages to describe so my advice is to join this tour and see for yourself.

This was our first time booking a group tour. We enjoyed the trip, and Saverio was outstanding.  If we are looking for another small group tour in the future we will certainly start with Amber Road Tours.

This is just a heartfelt “thank you” for the delightful tour Nancy and I enjoyed with Amber Road Tours in Sicily in early May. Our guide, Saverio Renda was perfect with detailed knowledge of Sicily, its history and culture.  He was so much fun!  As always, there were guests requiring special handling but he managed with such grace and ease that no one was really inconvenienced.  At every site, he personally introduced the local guide for a nice hand-off and comfort for all.  The individual local guides were also great, all of them, adding to our education and enjoyment. The bus was spotless, the driver interactive and attentive. Our hotels were located in areas amenable to touring on our own, walking, without the need for taxis, ubers, etc.  This choice of hotels suitable for independent walking exploration is clearly one of Amber Road Tours best attributes.  All hotel services were first-rate, many with in-house restaurants and bars. Arriving and departing from Sicily, we transferred in Rome, on ITA, with on-time, no-fuss service and easy connection with international flights.  We especially appreciated the good humor attending our 03:30 departure from Taormina.  Everyone was easygoing and pleasant with plenty of time at the airport for orientation, gate selection and security. We had a memorable journey, with great co-travelers and outstanding staff!  Thanks so much.