My wife Joann and I along with my two sisters had an unbelievable wonderful time. Sicily was so beautiful and the tour was perfect, the scenery the multiple cities you couldn’t ask for a more perfect trip. The hotels were all top rate and the food was amazing. I would like to thank Saverio for a wonderful time and for being such a pleasant and great guide.

This was my second trip with Amber Road Tours and it was just as great as the first one! Each day was very interesting and well planned. Stephan, our tour leader, was very knowledgable about each site; he was warm and engaging and could not have done a better job. He looked after us and helped us with any issues we had. City tour guides were well chosen and very knowledgeable. All the meals were excellent, as were the hotels. We had just 7 in our group, which was wonderful. I had been to Croatia 14 years earlier and traveled independently with a friend. I was amazed at how much more I saw and learned on this trip about history and culture. I appreciate all that was done to plan such a wonderful experience. I’m ready to sign up for another trip!

You will be missed but please go off into retirement knowing you have had a enormously successful career in the travel industry.

There will be a hole in the quality small group product for Italy.

Best wishes in whatever endeavor you choose next.

Jonathan, we just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on our tour. Everything was amazing and so well planned. Tiziana was such a pleasure to get to know and spend time with and such a fabulous tour guide. Everyone involved really made this a trip of a lifetime and we are still smiling. Thank you for all the work that went into making the tour special.  Please keep us in mind in the event you continue Amber Roads or do something else. It has to feel great having given so many people memories that last a lifetime. Thanks again,

Jenny and I recently participated in your Northern Italy Tour in the care of Laura Serafin. This was our third tour with Amber Road and we sadly understand this may be our last as you have decided to retire.  The tour content certainly met our expectations and proved to be unique experience.

May we particularly commend Laura’s work in making our tour an enjoyable adventure. Laura was knowledgeable, attentive, engaging and a master of the myriad of administrative detail. Jenny and I wish you an enjoyable retirement.

A friend recommended Amber Road Tours and I am so glad she did. My Amber Road Tour was a very different experience from other tours I’ve taken. It was evident that a lot of planning went into the itinerary and selection of our tour manager. Stefan was warm and engaging and extremely knowledgable about each country’s history. Our bus driver Thomas ensured our safe passage through winding roads and city streets. All hotels and meals were wonderful. Our local guides were unique and knowledgable. I felt safe and cared for on the tour. Our bags were collected and delivered for us at each hotel. On our final day, when being dropped in Trieste, Stefan walked several blocks with our bags and delivered them and us to the entrance of our hotel. This action went above and beyond the call of duty and was indicative of the entire experience. I highly recommend this tour and company.

Good luck to you and Sonya in your new adventures and thank you again for 3 amazing tours with Amber Road and your awesome guides.

The Venice, Veneto, Alto Adige tour exceeded my expectations, just as my 3 previous tours with Amber Road did. Venice, of course, is totally unique in so many ways. The historical wealth of Venice in its heyday is still visible today, manifested in the art and architecture along the Grand Canal, the Doge’s Palace and Basilica. The grandeur does not end in Venice. We toured several of Palladio’s fabulous Venetian Villas in the countryside around Vicenza. In Padova, we toured the Scrovegni Chapel, which houses captivating and absolutely beautiful frescoes (a feast for the eyes and soul). The Dolomites were a magnificent site to behold; stopped to walk along a scenic mountain trail. Other towns that we visited were Asolo, Follina, Belluno, Bolzano and Verona – each with their own special treasures. Loved the food, some of which was Austrian inspired. This area is home to Prosecco, and we had our fill with 2 wine tastings. Laura, our tour manger is exceptionally knowledgeable, charming and entertaining – she taught us 2 Italian songs. All in all, this was a fabulous excursion.

Our Tuscany/Umbria tour with Amber Road was perfection! Based on a thoughtfully-created, extensive itinerary and enhanced by our warm, experienced, helpful and delightful guide, Tiziana Santi, our focused and fun driver, Rossano, as well as enthusiastic, informative local guides with genuine love of their regions, it was a dream-come-true trip. However, we could not have imagined all the hidden gems along the way. We visited many gorgeous, well-known sites (Siena’s Duomo, Uffizi, Assisi!) but also enjoyed rare adventures, whether Torgiano’s Olive Oil Museum led by an ardent grower or small, family-run restaurants with incredible food and views or wine tasting at the female owned/staffed Brunello vineyard or the brief coffee stop in lovely, tiny Monteriggioni. And timing was everything – we arrived before arrival or just after departure of the big-bus tour groups so we had ample time to soak up the ancient, magical vibes of each new town. We were fortunate as well in that we were a fun, cordial group of eight travelers who immediately gelled into a little Italian famiglia, daily sharing each other’s joy at our discoveries – and gelato – before we settled into our beautifully appointed, centrally-located historic hotels. I am so grateful for the prompt, thorough communications with Jonathan that led to my committing to this trip and wish he and Sonya would continue the business so I could travel with them again, but understand they want to retire and just revel in the “timeless beauty and vivid pleasures of Italian life” (to quote Frances Mayes). Grazie mille!!!

This was a trip for the ages. Everything was near perfect. First, a shout-out to our fellow travelers! What an amazing and wonderful group of people! The towns we visited had such interesting and painful histories. We really came to appreciate who the Spanish people were over the course of the trip. Such resiliency in the face of great challenges. A highlight was our local guide Marco. He really made Caceras come alive for us and took the time to share much of Spain’s history. He was amazing! The hotels were very comfortable, in good locations with wonderful breakfasts. Our guide Enrique did a good job and really came through for the tour of the Prado. His love of art really came out. I’ll never view art with the same old eyes as before. Transformative! We are looking forward to other tours Amber Road may offer in the future.

We had a wonderful time on our tour of Central Spain. 9/26-10/6. Our tour guide Enrique was personable, very knowledgeable, and accommodating. When Jim and I landed at the Madrid Airport on 9/26/23 at 6:30 am only one of our suitcases arrived. It was the largest one of our two and packed with all my clothes , shoes, etc. My husband immediately went to the Iberia desk, we were directed to, and filled out a lengthy report with our contact info and our specific itinerary of our tour in Spain. To summarize, the bag was not returned to me until the evening of Oct. 4 at Hotel REALI when we returned to Madrid. Enrique called multiple times to the airlines inquiring, sharing our itinerary each day etc. This debacle definitely caused us stress, but all on the tour were very empathetic and their friendships and encouragement made our trip extremely enjoyable and memorable.

I don’t consider myself a group tour person – preferring instead to explore independently and not be tied down to a specific schedule. I knew my next trip to Italy would be Sicily and when some friends of my sister gave us a glowing recommendation of their trip to Sicily with Amber Road Tours we decided to give it a try. What a great decision. In ten short days we visited numerous cities, all with a different story to tell. We were lead by Saverio Renda, a wonderful guide who clearly loves his work. He made the trip such fun for everyone. More importantly, he was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastically shared his love of his home country and its rich history. He was supported by local guides in each of the small towns we visited. They all did a terrific job and had a remarkable command of the English language. We stayed in lovely hotels with spectacular views, ate well and didn’t have to worry about a thing. We traveled safely from city to city in a beautiful Mercedes bus complete with internet service. Pierre Luca, our driver was professional and courteous and kept his vehicle very clean throughout the tour. For those of us who like to wander, we were given ample time to explore on our own to see and experience things that met our individual interests. Our small group of fourteen enjoyed getting to know each other and by the end it was hard to see everyone go. I’m already thinking about my next Amber Road Tour – maybe Croatia…but then Saverio is only in Sicily…

My wife and I have been long time travelers with Amber Road Tours, in fact, we just recently completed our Amalfi Coast to Apulia tour with Tiziana this past May/June, 2023. We understand that Jonathan and Sonya are going to retire after many years of extending their travel services to many people who have traveled home with smiles on their faces and a sense of satisfaction that their experience with Amber Road Tours was wonderful. It is with sadness that this is happening and you will be missed, but your retirement is well deserved. We are hoping that the Amber Road banner will continue to flourish under new ownership, along with those Amber Road tour guides that have contributed so much to your success. We would love to envision our children and grandchildren experiencing the fun and excitement of travel with Amber Road Tours. Thank you for everything. Have a wonderful life in retirement.

This was our first Amber Road tour and we absolutely loved it. Our tour guide Tiziana [Santi] was very caring and helpful and efficient and our trip went extremely well. The accommodation and the day trips and the organised dinners were tops . We have very happy memories and made new friends as well. Well done Amber Road.

My husband and I traveled with Amber Road Tours this fall. We loved our experience. Tiziana [Manganiello] is a wonderful tour director, informed and knowledgeable, very capable, friendly, and so much fun. We loved her. I had a health problem during the tour and had to stay behind. Tiziana arranged extra time time in our hotel and special transportation for us to our next venue. Tiziana was wonderful.

The tour itinerary was just great. We visited the most fascinating and varied places, places I felt might not have all been easily accessible to the individual traveler. I truly felt immersed in the history and culture of southern Italy.
The local guides were also excellent throughout. We were housed in beautiful and interesting hotels, often historic buildings beautifully updated. The food was delicious. The small group size made for much more comfortable travel. And we had a very nice group of fellow travelers, some of whom had traveled many times with Amber Road Tours. Had we found this Tour company earlier we would have the same. I loved every minute of this vacation.

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had on our tour of Sicily, in large part because of our fabulous tour guide, Saverio.

Saverio was not only professional but kind, solicitous, patient, willing to go the extra mile, if needed, funny, totally informed and an all around great guy.  We all loved him and, in the short time we had together, we quickly formed a little family.  Our driver, Pier Luca was also first-rate.

This was our second Amber Roads tour and it was even more than we expected. Our guide, Tiziana, was outstanding and her research and warm approach helped us all become a very close group who will remain friends. The hotels were of a high standard and we really enjoy the three night stopovers. The itinerary was outstanding with many Wow moments and enjoyable meals and experiences. The tour visits three world heritage sites and a side of Italy that is very different to the north. We can’t wait for our next Amber Roads tour.

This was our second trip with Amber and it certainly met our expectations. It will be hard to decide on our next trip to provide the same enjoyment and satisfaction. Everything went to plan from your end, Lost suitcase and the other one damaged were only a small inconvenience. We loved every day, with the thoughts and anticipation of what was to come next. The Opera and then the the puppet show both great experiences and very professional. The sights and history wonderful. We did not get spectacular views from Mt Etna but was pleased to miss it’s unexpected anger .I think we avoided some bad weather as well. Not sure if you had anything to do with our accommodation at  Hotel Villa Belvedere but it was fantastic, thanks very much. Our tour guide was always in good form and we enjoyed his casual approach and sense of humour. We must say the other people on the trip were very friendly and good company. We will keep in contact with a number of them. Thank you for such a wonder and very well planned trip. Happy for you to suggest our next one.!

This was our fourth Amber Road tour, and it did not disappoint! The most fortunate aspect was Tiziana, our guide who accompanied us all ten days of the tour, from the Naples train station on the first day, until the day of departure from Ostuni. She is an outstanding, knowledgeable guide, but best of all, a warm, caring woman who was delightful to be with. Admittedly, we were a good group of congenial, seasoned travelers who were always on time for the transports, excursions and meals. Accommodations in the four towns were always superior, the staff of each one was unflaggingly helpful. We especially liked the 3-night stays.  Ravello was a brilliant choice as a place to stay while on the Amalfi coast, which permitted us to avoid the hustle and bustle of being situated in Positano or Amalfi. The views of the Bay of Naples from the terrace and gardens are exquisite. Stays in Matera, Lecce and Ostuni were good choices also, as each served as a base for visits to numerous archaeological sites. The expert local guides at Herculaneum, Paestum, Matera (the Sassi), in particular, made those visits vivid and memorable. We also particularly enjoyed the museum/Wine Tasting in Manduria, and the EVOO tasting. There was a well-balanced mix of group time and ‘free time’. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know the various interesting couples in our small group. We highly recommend this tour for those, like us, who haven’t ever visited Basilicata and Puglia. These regions were not overrun with tourists, the people are friendly and gracious, the foods and wines are delicious and modestly priced. Thank you, Tiziana and Amber Road for a delightful experience!

Titziana was an amazing tour leader. Gracious. Patient. Funny. Anticipating any eventuality. When Len and I signed up for this tour which we had taken 15 years ago we wondered if we would have the same experience, but we were pleasantly surprised at all the changes. Three day stays many nights. Somewhat different itinerary and the changes that had occurred particularly in Sassi and Matera. Virtual tour meccas it seems. The restaurants for our meals together were outstanding and the local guides were knowledgeable as always. While we were able to keep up, this tour did require a lot of “gentle” climbing and a great deal of walking each day. I loved the challenge, but agree that your warning that the tour is of high intensity is very warranted. It is so wonderful that Amber Road is back again. The charm of your tour itineraries, the excellence of your guides and the small group size enhance the travel experience immensely. Thank you. Thank you.

What an amazing trip to Milan and the Italian Lakes! This is my 5th trip with Amber Road, and it was spectacular! It is impossible to describe all the beauty we encountered. Thoroughly enjoyed Milan, especially visiting the Duomo. Both the outside and inside are magnificent. Visiting the Last Supper was very special, especially learning that both the Last Supper and the Resurrection paintings were the only two walls standing after the church was bombed in WWII. The highlight of the trip was of course the Lakes! Our first lake to visit was Lake Como which was gorgeous with amazing views and beautiful landscaping. The Hotel Belvedere was a treat, and the Villa del Balbianello cannot be missed with their pristine gardens and the treasures in the Villa. Its collection of artifacts is more than you see in many museums. The other lakes we visited were breathtaking as well. Lake Maggiore at the end of the trip was the icing on the cake and jaw dropping gorgeous. Hotel La Palma was wonderful and the views of the lake with the mountains just took your breath away. Isola Madre’s gardens and the villa were memorable. Pictures cannot capture the beauty of all the lakes we visited. A special treat was visiting Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantova. I was unfamiliar with these locations, but they did not disappoint. Each one was steeped in history with wonderful sights that would rival more well known cities, without the crowds. Cremona was my favorite as it was the town where the violin was invented, and it was amazing to see so many priceless violins in one spot. Many thanks to our Tour Leader, Tiziana, who clearly loves this region of Italy and filled our heads with details of each location and its history. She took very good care of us and made sure every need we had was taken care of. Our group of twelve was a delight to travel with. Many thanks to Amber for a very memorable trip, one that I did not want to end!

Our tour of the Italian Lakes and Milan was amazing. The tour manager – Tiziana – was very knowledgeable and professional and an overall delight. The arrangements were perfect – the bus was comfortable, our drivers were great, the hotels were lovely. The individual tours in each town and attraction were remarkable. We especially enjoyed seeing sights that are a bit off the beaten path – Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, and Mantova were all towns we might not have chosen on our own. Lake Orta was spectactular as were the islands in Lake Maggiore and the town of Sirmione on Lake Garda. We especially enjoyed our hotels and walking in the towns of Bellagio and Stresa. The group dinners were a lot of fun and had creative local menus and specialty foods, and we enjoyed our traveling companions. This was our second tour with Amber Road and I can’t wait to do another one in the future.

This was an absolute gem of a tour, based in four very different but equally fascinating towns, with lots of little treasures interspersed between these main bases – the fishing boat trip, the Gaudi house, the older-than-the-Taj-Mahal restaurant and winery in Rioja country, the stunning rock formations on the beach at Playa Catedrais, the charming little French town of Bayonne – providing new delights on a daily basis. Superb hotels, stunning food, and sufficient time to ourselves to explore a little further. And as for our tour guide, Miguel, I can only describe him in words borrowed from that legendary queen of rock who sadly died while we were on tour – he’s simply the best!

This was our first trip on Amber. We loved everything about the trip and look forward to booking future trips with this amazing company! Our tour guide, Miguel Silva, was the best tour guide ever! He was such a perfect guide in every aspect. His patience,knowledge, compassion, people skills, expertise, respect for everyone, and personality made the trip so smooth and extremely enjoyable.
We could not have been happier with our choice of Amber Road Tours. Every hotel was beautiful, luxurious and centrally located. The meals were phenomenal. Spending the tour with such interesting people was a true bonus.
We really appreciated the small group size.
Thank you, Amber Road Tours, for creating such a fabulous experience and a stellar company. We will sign up again!

This was my third trip with Amber and once again they do not disappoint. I cannot say enough about Miguel, his enthusiasm, his love of his country and all of the interesting history and facts he shared with us. I feel like I was able to see so much of Portugal without feeling rushed. A nice balance of tour time and time to explore on our own. Each town was an absolute delight. The accomodations were first rate and the food was amazing.
As always with Amber I appreciate the small group.
Portugal is beautiful and there is so much to experience. I highly recommend this trip and all it has to offer.
The Fado was a wonderful experience.
Thank you Miguel for sharing your beautiful country with us during our stay. Wonderful memories.